Nanette Cenaruzabeitia

Nanette Cenaruzabeitia was born in Salt Lake City and has lived here all her life. Her husband, Felix, has recently retired. Nanette has three children who also live in Salt Lake City. Jim is a pharmacy technician, Maria is working in medical billing, and Alecia attends Westminster College. All three of her children attended Montessori schools – Alecia was one of the first elementary school students at Montessori Community School when it was known as Tenth East. Maria's son completed our Toddler program and is currently an Early Childhood student at Montessori Community School. In her free time, Nanette likes to read murder mysteries with mayhem! She also enjoys spending time with her family. Nanette was trained and certified in Montessori at the Early Childhood level in 1983 from Little Way Montessori in Washington State and is completing her Infant and Toddler certification through the Institute for Guided Studies. She enjoys working with children and hopes to do so for many years to come! Little known fact about Nanette: Her maiden name is Fenn.

Alyssa Edlund

Edlund Alyssa.jpgOriginally from Minnesota, Alyssa has been living in Salt Lake City for six and a half years. She studied at the University of Utah, where she attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Costume Design, and has been putting it to good use through her work at the theater for the past five years. She came to work at MCS through former Toddler teacher Alia Boyle, and her part-time position evolved into a full-time job soon thereafter. In her free time Alyssa loves to knit and design knitwear, dance, hike and explore in nature. Two little known facts about Alyssa: she can wiggle her ears, and she once climbed Salt Lake's Mt. Olympus in a wedding dress!

Christine Behnen

BehnenCChristine grew up in small town Minnesota but has cultivated a sense of human citizenship through life passages in many parts of the world, finally arriving in Salt Lake City in 2012.  A curiosity about human relationships, the poetics of life, and the manner in which meaning is created amongst people has brought her to many fertile grounds for exploring these mysteries, including studies in religious philosophies of the world and finally to the satisfying society of children.  Early formative years in teaching were spent learning about nonviolent communication, problem-solving, emotional work, and nurturing self-determination and awareness along with compassion within community at the humanistic school, Play Mountain Place in Los Angeles.  Christine looks forward to being a member of this school’s community along with her son and all of you!  As a pique of fun, Christine can recite/sing Neruda, Rilke, Berry, Jara, Parra, Alouette, the silly name song, and other great poems and compositions upon request.  She really loves your children.

Suzannah Sturgell

Sturgell SuzannahSuzannah was raised between Utah and several states on the east coast. She is the fourth of six children, and loved growing up in a big family. Her experience has been in child development, spending a lot of time with infants and toddlers. She is currently going to school to become a counselor. Suzannah got married last May and has recently added a puppy to the family. Suzannah loves spending time in southern Utah with her husband and puppy, Ezra!

Candace Dewaal

-DeWaal Candace2