Middle School Program

Grades: 7th - 8th

middle-school-program-icon-largeOur Middle School is designed to meet the needs of students 12-14 years old, or 7th and 8th grade. The curriculum continues to be individualized, supporting the students’ ability to work at their own academic pace. The course of study integrates all subjects. Students use planners to create, organize and prioritize their “work time,” allowing for their individual needs. Typically the morning time is spent in independent work in the areas of Mathematics (exploration of pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry) and Language Arts (grammar, vocabulary, reading and comprehension, writing and composition) while the afternoons are spent in group study of such areas as Science and Humanities. In Middle School the Montessori practical life curriculum encompasses economic studies, school service, evaluation/assessment, computer literacy, high school preparation, immersion weeks, community life and more, and provide the students with opportunities to integrate and apply their knowledge and skills.  Middle School graduates are self-expressive, analytical thinkers, responsible individuals, and active citizens. They are independent learners who will know how to delve in-depth into disciplines that interest them. They develop many tools from which to draw for future school, work, and life experiences. They are capable and confident individuals, who will not hesitate to advocate for themselves and ask questions when needed.

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