Mission Statement

Montessori Community School's mission is to provide an authentic Montessori experience that nurtures the natural unfolding of the whole individual, instills a love of learning, encourages acts of peace, and empowers all. 

The Montessori Community School has been established to encourage and promote the intellectual, physical and social development of children. The Montessori philosophy emphasizes the development of the child in a carefully prepared environment. A prepared environment is one in which the child is able to develop freely at his or her own pace, unhindered in the spontaneous unfolding of his or her natural capacities. This occurs through the manipulation of a graded series of self-correcting materials designed to stimulate the senses and eventually one’s thinking, leading from perception to intellectual skills. Responsible freedom and inner self-discipline are encouraged. The joy of learning is emphasized and the child is helped to develop a positive self-image.

We nurture self-worth. We affirm that self-worth is the crucial ingredient for the full expression of a person’s potential. We strive to base every interaction between community members on this principle -- from how we discipline, to respecting personal learning styles and stages of development. This is the very fabric of our community and our educational methods. The social development of the children in the class is greatly emphasized. It takes place naturally as the children learn to respect each other and become affectionate and cooperative.

Our Montessori classrooms are designed to meet the needs, interests and abilities of all the children in the class. The teachers create and adapt the environment with this community of children in mind. Some of the educational materials are rotated regularly and the physical layout is adapted when necessary to best meet the changing needs of the children. Our teachers, who serve as observers and guides in the classroom, are Montessori trained and certified. Many of our teachers have been on our faculty for over a decade and have upwards of twenty years experience with the Montessori method.

School History

Robyn and her husband Robert Buchanan became interested in Montessori education when they were looking for a school for their first son Jordyn. They established their first Montessori school in 1985 and now have over twenty-seven years experience of providing excellent Montessori education in Salt Lake City.

The Third Avenue Montessori opened in September 1985 with one classroom. The school offered a half-day only program with morning and afternoon sessions. In 1987, Robyn and Bob continued operating the Third Avenue School and built a new school on Second Avenue with three classrooms. This enabled them to offer their first full day classes.

In 1989, they opened their Cottonwood Canyon facility, where they offered both part and full-time placements in three classrooms. In 1994, with the addition of the fourth campus, they began offering the first Elementary classes at the Tenth East Montessori School. A few years later, they added Early Childhood classes to this location as well. In 2005, they began a Dual Language (Spanish/English) program in one of the Early Childhood classes and MCS now has two Early Childhood Dual Language classrooms.

For several years, Robyn and Bob searched for an appropriate facility where they could combine all four of their school communities under one roof, allowing them to truly form a Montessori "Community School." In September 2005, they found just the place. They renovated and opened their new facility at 2416 East 1700 South in Salt Lake City under the name of Montessori Community School of Salt Lake City in August 2006. 

MCS offers Toddler, Early Childhood, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary School classes. There are over 200 students currently enrolled at the school - representing different ethnicities, races, religions and varied family compositions. For several of our students English is not their first language. They speak Arabic, Spanish, Estonian, Russian, French, German, Japanese and Chinese! Our school welcomes and honors the diversity that exists within our community.

Our excellent teachers are professional, creative, enthusiastic, and devoted to the Montessori philosophy. All of our classroom teachers are either Montessori trained and certified or are in the process of completing their certification and many have been on our faculty between ten and twenty-seven years.

Our history, our past students, parents and teachers have contributed greatly to our vibrant school community and to making it what it is today and we look forward to the continuing relationships. 

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