Infant Teachers

Emily Squadroni

 Teacher - Sego Lily

Emily was born in Knoxville, Tennessee to a family of education lovers and coal miners. It was the trona mines that moved her entire family, cousins and all to Wyoming where she went to school and met her husband. They both attended Weber State University in Ogden and Emily received her bachelor’s degree in English in 2013 where she was introduced to Montessori education; enrolling her daughter also in 2013. In 2015, she officially started her Montessori adventure working as an administrator then as an Infant teacher in 2016 after she received her Infant/Toddler certification with her 6-week-old son. Emily co-founded and ran a small Montessori school in Ogden where both her children attended. They are the loves of her life and will come with her to Montessori Community School in the fall of 2021 where she will co-start up the infant class. Family, food, fun socks, building and a good book are just a few of Emily’s many favorites. She loves life and all it’s surroundings, but the comfort of home is her place to be. Unless an adventure is involved. 

Austin Bull

Bull-Austin-1Teacher - Sego Lily

Austin joined the Montessori Community School in 2016. He loves the process, values, and community at MCS. He spent 3 years teaching children ages 2-5 within home and classroom settings, specializing in ABA therapy and other early learning academics. Austin is very interested in community building, creative problem-solving, honoring individual needs, and learning naturally at one's own pace. In his free time Austin likes to read, exercise, go hiking, listen to music, watch films, and attend live performances.

Alisalee Bowyer

IX2A9367c-1Assistant & Extended Day Teacher - Sego Lily

Alisalee was born here in Salt Lake City, UT. She has had the opportunity to live in Guatemala, Ohio, and travel extensively around Germany. She has a passion for life and it’s many opportunities finding humor and joy in almost every situation. She has an affinity for laughter and will go out of her way to help those around her feel joy and smile. Alisalee has two beautiful children of her own and she loves to be able to spend special time with each of them. It is important to Alisalee to be able to balance time for herself with her children and her day-to-day life. Alisalee finds this freeing time through dance, music, movies, and snagging an ice-cold Pepsi.

Maria Reynosa

Reynosa-Maria-1Extended Day Teacher - Sego Lily

Maria was born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador. She and her husband moved to Utah in 2001. They have three beautiful children, Valeria, Jose, and Gabriel. Maria has spent many years working with young children. Maria has taught Spanish at McKee Language School but currently tutors children from preschool to elementary school ages in Spanish privately. Maria has a bachelor's degree in Preschool Education and a degree in Communications and Journalism. Maria's favorite hobbies are reading, watching movies, and traveling. She has been falling in love with her city's historic heritage. She has already started on her bucket list of places to visit: UNESCO Heritage World Cities in Mexico such as Guanajuato, Guadalajara, etc.

Dani Williams

 width=Extended Day Teacher - Sego Lily

Dani is one of our infant extended day teachers who just joined us this year. She loves traveling, singing, and dogs! Dani is currently attending the University of Utah to double major in Communications and Spanish. Dani is very excited to be working at the Montessori Community School, and we are so lucky to have her!
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