Toddler Moons Teachers

Fernanda Rosevear

Rosevear-Fernanda-1Teacher - Moons

Fernanda was born and raised in the Salt Lake area to a large and enthusiastic family from Brazil and Bolivia. Her family taught her how to be a hard worker and to value honesty and kindness. She learned the importance of knowledge and strives to find opportunities to learn in all aspects of her life. Fernanda has a Bachelor's degree in Gender Studies and History from the University of Utah; she loves reading and discussing issues related to these topics. She began her Montessori journey teaching Early Childhood but is currently teaching as a Stars teacher in the Toddler Program. Fernanda absolutely loves working with these young friends and cherishes the relationships she has with the students, parents and teachers of MCS. Fernanda is very fond of working with her hands in activities such as painting and gardening, where she enjoys the positive benefits that come from creating and working with the earth. In her free time, Fernanda loves to read, cook/eat, dance and spend time with her best friend and spouse Jake; she also loves camping, swimming and being in the company of laughter and good people. 

Nozomi Benson

Teacher - Moons

Nozomi was born and raised in the beautiful coastal countryside of northwestern Japan. She came to the U.S. to attend college, and she graduated from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville with a Bachelor of Music in flute performance. Nozomi’s first experience with Montessori was here at Montessori Community School in 2006-2007. With the encouragement of the school, Nozomi studied and received her Montessori certification from NAMC in infant-toddler and twos. After moving to Texas in 2007, Nozomi taught Montessori in San Antonio, and later preschool in the Houston area for several years. Texas is good, but she is happy to be back in mountainous Utah after a ten-year absence. Nozomi enjoys playing her flute, hiking and traveling with her husband and son, and cheering on the Utah Jazz. Fun fact about Nozomi: she once performed with her university band at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Isabelle Adams

Adams-Isabelle-1Toddler Support/Extended Day Teacher - Moons

Isabelle joined the Montessori and will be working as an assistant teacher in the toddlers classroom.  Outside of work, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time outside!

Leslie Babalis

IX2A4206c-1Assistant Teacher - Moons

Leslie is excited to be part of the toddler programs and feels extremely lucky to be part of the Suns, Moons and Stars! What she loves most about the Montessori is the compassion that vibrates through these walls. Outside of teaching here at Montessori, Leslie is also a dance teacher, Choreographer and Company member of Myriad, a Contemporary group that puts together dance projects!

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