Magnolias Teachers

Christina Economy

Name Dual Language Teacher - Magnolias

Christina was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She received her Bachelor of Arts from CSU Long Beach in 2011. Christina and her husband moved from Southern California to Salt Lake City in 2016. They share a  love for natural spaces and outdoor activities, which is what brought them to Utah. Her love for children and desire to contribute to their education is what led Christina to Montessori Community School in 2018.  Christina attended the Institute for Montessori Innovation at Westminster College and received her Early Childhood Credential in June of 2019. Her favorite aspect of the Montessori environment is being a part of a welcoming environment that fosters the child’s love for learning. She has a passion for sewing, design, and ceramics. In her free time, Christina enjoys hiking or biking with her husband and beloved dog. She also enjoys gardening, skiing, cooking, traveling, camping, and climbing. Little known facts about Christina are that she spent 10 years working in the Apparel Industry and in 2015 enjoyed a year long traveling honeymoon.

Katie Sellers

Name Teacher - Magnolias

Katie was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California nestled in the rolling golden hills of the wine country. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from BYU and a B.S. in Communications Disorders from USU. Katie has been an active member of the Montessori community in Salt Lake City since 2010 and has worked as both an early childhood assistant and lead teacher. She has also worked with children in Title 1 and special education preschool programs. From 2014-2016, Katie attended the Institute of Guided Studies and will complete her Early Childhood Montessori credential very soon. Katie is thrilled to join the MCS staff this year as an early childhood teacher. Katie’s husband and 2 children are the greatest gifts of her life. She enjoys spending quality time with them whether on a hike in the mountains, playing on the beach in California, or snuggling on the couch reading books. Fun fact: Katie is an accomplished singer songwriter and performer, whose guitar accompanies her in the classroom daily.

Kendalyn Mathews

 Assistant & Extended Day Teacher - Magnolias

Kendalyn was born and raised in Utah. She went to AISU in high school and hopes to become a Montessori teacher in the future. She was raised with Montessori in the home and has been surrounded by Montessori education as her mother is a Montessori teacher. She loves the peace and independence Montessori teaches children. She has a love of language, cooking, and has always had an affinity for children. An interesting fact about Kendalyn is that she has spent several summers helping her family put on summer camps for International students from China.

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