Our Sympathy to the Community of Uvalde, Texas

Dear MCS families and staff, Our deepest sympathy goes out to the students, parents, staff and the community of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. This tragedy is so very senseless. Gun violence against children needs to stop. We are heartbroken and recognize this tragic event may cause anxiety and concern to many in our community. It can be ...

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2021-22 COVID Data

This school year we have had a total of 83 positive cases of COVID-19 occurring among MCS students and staff. (5/23/22)  Figure 1. Count of student & staff cases to date Figure 2. Positive cases by setting  Figure 3. Positive cases by month  Similar to the greater Salt Lake community, MCS experienced ...

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Celebration of Life

Betty Jean Sawyers Lorenz  Betty Jean Sawyers Lorenz was 94 years young when she died. She was Bob's auntie and welcomed me into the family with open arms. Betty Jean was an incredible smart, generous, feisty woman. She was a ski instructor at Park City for years. She is remembered for all the baby showers sh...

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What Every Child Needs

What is it that every child needs that parents don't seem to have? (Lifetime passes to Disney World and unlimited shoe budgets don't count!) You can fill in your own blanks. It is something that a Montessori school can help offer. Of course a good education comes to mind but that is not even the greatest gift your Montessori school can offer. What ...

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The Most Important Montessori Lesson

I love what a Montessori education does for a child's love of learning. I love the enthusiasm that it engenders. I love to watch the understanding that dawns on a child as a concept makes sense for the first time. Montessori children learn to read – often very early. They learn their numbers – not just counting but understanding that seven is one m...

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Helping Children in Times of Crisis

Talking about hard things is... hard! Sometimes we avoid for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing and making things worse. We are so very grateful to Cherie Mockli for helping us understand how we can offer support and provide comfort when needed. Cherie's perspective is so very grounding. Her advice is practical. Thank you Cherie! The recording...

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Earth Day Assembly

The weather was perfect for our whole school to assemble on the field to celebrate Earth Day.  Katie (teacher in Magnolias) and Wren and Alice (students from Uinta) led us in singing the Garden Song. Katie played guitar and was accompanied by Alice on strings and Wren on keyboard. The had only one opportunity...

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Strategic Planning Spotlight- Facilities

 The Facilities Sub-Committee has identified three primary goals:  updating HVAC ventilation throughout MCS; extensive building renovations to add classroom space to accommodate the large community interest in Montessori education for our youngest friends; and renovating existing toileting spaces.  These goals are each impo...

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Carson Woodard

Hello, Many of you already know who I am, but for those of you who don't, my name is Carson Woodard. I teach outdoor classroom, G.O., extended day, and assist in all three elementary classrooms. I am currently getting my Montessori upper elementary certification, and will attend a summer residency program in park City this July. I will be sell...

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Best Wishes and Farewell

The time has come for Mr. Lian and Ramira to say goodbye to MCS and move on to new things.   Mr. Lian  Mr. Lian and his family will be moving to Bowling Green, Kentucky at the end of this school year. He, his wife, Naemeh, and children-Kham (6th grade), Dotawi (4th grade), David (2nd grade) and baby Jo will be greatly missed.&nb...

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Introducing Wynde Klauer

We are delighted to introduce you to Wynde Klauer who has recently joined our Student Support team. Wynde's focus will primarily be as a reading specialist.   Wynde brings a wealth of experience and training to our community. She has a Masters in Education and a Reading Endorsement from Westminster College. She sp...

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Updates to COVID Safety Measures, 4/11/22

The CDC's COVID-19 Community Levels are a tool designed to help guide a community's decision on what preventative steps to take based on the latest data. Levels can be low, medium, or high and are determined by looking at hospital bed usage, hospital admissions, and the total number of new COVID-19 cases in an area. Maps, charts, and data provided ...

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Spring School-wide Survey

It is time to evaluate the school-wide Spring survey's overall effectiveness and reestablish its function within our community. If you are interested in becoming involved in this project or have ideas that you feel would be helpful to the process please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Historically, the Spring School-wide Survey has...

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A Conversation - April 21 at 7pm

We are inviting our community to join us for conversation about supporting children in times of crisis, disaster or war.   We all share the goal of providing our children a safe and healthy environment in which to grow and develop. Let's lean into our collective experience and knowledge to provide teachers, school leaders and parents with cons...

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COVID Two Years Later

Throughout the pandemic, our community has come together to keep each other safe! Our students, staff and parents have all rallied together behind our safety protocols, have been patient when information changes, and have been compassionate when members of our community have become sick or needed to take time to care for others in need.  When ...

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Is there a Lack of Socialization in Montessori?

It is ironic that one of Montessori education's biggest strengths (socialization) is often misconstrued as a weakness. This misperception starts from another Montessori strength – individualization. The argument starts from a true premise (the individualization of education) and ends with a false conclusion that children don't get a chance to socia...

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Montessori and Entrepreneurship

The founders of Google contribute their success to their Montessori beginnings. (It doesn't hurt that they also went to Stanford.) But what is it about their Montessori beginnings that so impacted their lives that they credit the Montessori experience for their phenomenal success?  We can pick five things out of the extensive list of Montessor...

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IMC Accreditation

Our gratitude to everyone who contributed to or participated in the IMC on-site visit to conclude the accreditation process.  We are grateful for the examination, feedback and guidance provided by the IMC team of Mary Beth Ricks and Robin Howe during their three day visit. They expressed their appreciation to our community for the warm we...

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Strategic Planning

This academic year, MCS created a Strategic Planning Committee to ensure that the Montessori Community School continues to thrive and meet its mission in the future.  The Strategic Planning Committee is made up of MCS administrators and parents working together to address urgent and long term goals. Currently, the Strategic Planning Committee ...

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Peace for Ukraine

Sometimes, the instinct is to avoid talking to children about tough stuff on the news because we don't want to upset them or maybe we don't know where to start.  It's important to provide children: Accurate, age-appropriate informationTime and opportunity to ask questionsAssurances that they are safe and they are loved Anything ...

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