Why Podcasts are Good for Kids

Do you have a long car ride ahead for Thanksgiving or just looking for activities to do with your kids off screens? How about a podcast? I love podcasts and listen to them with my kids often because, as I’ve written about before, we have a rule in our family about not using cellphones in the car. Every time we hear a new one we learn something, and it sparks conversation and debate. Furthermore, as Stephanie Hayes writes in the Atlantic: “The absence of images in podcasts seems to be a source of their creative potential. Without visuals, listeners are required to fill the gaps—and when these listeners are children, the results can be powerful. Numerous studies have found that children between the ages of seven and 13 respond more creatively to radio stories than to stories shown on television. Audio stories prompt kids to draw more novel pictures, think up...
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Building the Adult Community

Oftentimes when parents visit our school for a tour, they ask about our staff. How long have the staff been here? How often is there turnover of employees?  Are the people who work here happy?  While these are difficult questions to answer without the input of the teachers themselves, we often find ourselves describing the vision for community and how that applies to our staff.  The human factor is strong in a community such as this where we have over 200 children, at least twice that many active parents, grandparents and guardians, and a total of 62 employees.  With so many people under our roof, we have discovered that building community is essential to providing successful outcomes.  We strive to build community in a number of ways; including in and among classrooms, with parents, and as a staff.  Below is an article written by one of our Lower Elementary teachers, Brandi Allen, who...
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A Note from the MCS Green Committee

In our last note, the MCS Green Committee discussed the importance of minimizing packaging in the lunches/snacks we send with our students to school. There are many alternative lunch packaging options that help reduce waste and provide a cost effective way to give kiddos an awesome meal. Many of you already use reusable lunch packaging. However, listed below are some websites for possible eco-friendly lunch packaging/meal service products. We are certainly not pushing these items, but offering ideas (they might also be great holiday gifts). Let us know your thoughts on any of these products, or if you have other great ideas. Likewise, a bulk order discount option might be possible if there is enough interest. Any parents interested in the bulk order, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,MCS Green Committee https://bentgo.com/ https://www.yumboxlunch.com/ https://www.planetbox.com/ https://www.bamboozlehome.com/tinyfootprint-products https://avanchy.com https://www.shopbamboostudio.com https://www.bambuhome.com

Social Development in the Montessori Classroom

Through the years I have often been asked about Montessori students and their development of social skills. Some parents, when considering a Montessori education, become concerned that because of the size of the facility, the mixed age groupings, or the limited number of classrooms that their child will somehow be "missing out" on some aspects of social development. The short answer is that although there might not be as many children on our campus, the opportunities to develop socially are unlimited in the organization of the classrooms and curriculum.  "Social life does not consist of a group of individuals remaining close together, side by side, nor in their advancing en masse under the command of a captain like a regiment on the march, nor like an ordinary class of school children. The social life of man is founded upon work, harmoniously organised and upon social virtues - and these are the attitudes...
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Effective Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Friday, November 17th. There will be no school that day. Sign-up sheets for the conferences are on a table in the lobby, arranged by class, from Toddlers to Upper Elementary (please check the top of each page for the name of the class). As we do every year, we ask that you observe the following requests:· Please sign up for one meeting time per child.· Please be on time for your conference.· Please help the teachers to stay on time.· Please arrange for childcare during Parent/Teacher conferences.We have had parents make requests for child care during the conferences. Unfortunately, as our staff is busy meeting with parents and all of our classrooms, along with some other spaces in the school, are being used we have not been able to accommodate this request. Please note that our playgrounds and our Outdoor Classroom are closed during conferences...
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PSA Raises Funds for an AED for MCS!

Montessori Community School has recently been approved for a grant that will pay the majority of the cost for MCS to receive an AED. Our PSA have since been diligently working to raise the remainder of the funds necessary for the school to acquire the AED.  To date, we have raised just over $300
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Fun Run - September 28th

On Thursday September 28th, MCS students will be participating in our 11th annual Montessori Community School Fun Run! Our bouncy house obstacle course is becoming a fun tradition and we are excited to be bringing it back for this year's Fun Run! Our returning families may notice the Fun Run is much earlier this year than in year's past. Our PSA and administration agreed on an earlier date to help us ensure agreeable weather (spring time usually finds us considering alternative plans in case of rain) and because the Navajo Rug Show is coming up in early November! The Fun Run will coincide with a drive for supplies so keep checking back for more info about our drive and stay tuned to see how our fundraising efforts turn out! We look forward to sharing this fun opportunity with you.   What is the Fun Run and how can your family participate?Each year our students have...
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