Welcome to 2022-23


Dear MCS community, Brandi and I are delighted to welcome you to the 2022-23 academic year. We want to extend our gratitude to our community for the many ways you have helped us prepare for this new school year: Students- thank you for bringing joy, curiosity and exuberance to our school life. You are a constant encouragement to us to be ...

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Helping Children in Times of Crisis

Talking about hard things is... hard! Sometimes we avoid for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing and making things worse. We are so very grateful to Cherie Mockli for helping us understand how we can offer support and provide comfort when needed. Cherie's perspective is so very grounding. Her advice is practical. Thank you Cherie! The recording...

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Earth Day Assembly

The weather was perfect for our whole school to assemble on the field to celebrate Earth Day.  Katie (teacher in Magnolias) and Wren and Alice (students from Uinta) led us in singing the Garden Song. Katie played guitar and was accompanied by Alice on strings and Wren on keyboard. The had only one opportunity...

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IMC Accreditation

Our gratitude to everyone who contributed to or participated in the IMC on-site visit to conclude the accreditation process.  We are grateful for the examination, feedback and guidance provided by the IMC team of Mary Beth Ricks and Robin Howe during their three day visit. They expressed their appreciation to our community for the warm we...

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Montessori Education Week

Please consider submitting one of the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to help focus attention on the value of a Montessori education:  Testimonial   You are invited to provide a written testimonial about your child's Montessori school experience.  Quotable Quotes  Please write one or two sentences on "What I like abo...

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Winter Sports Closing Ceremony

And just like that Winter Sports 2022 is over. These past 5 weeks have flown by. Judging by the happy (and tired) students that emerged from the buses each week it appears that fun was had by all.   Our gratitude to everyone who made Winter Sports possible.   There is nothing quite like the panic of missing snow-pants, a broken clasp...

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Light One Candle – Thank you!

Dear Mary, I’m writing to thank you for your participation as a sponsor during our annual Light One Candle holiday gift drive. With your support, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Salt Lake City facilitated the delivery of over $70,000 worth of much needed household supplies and other gifts to 107 recently arrived refugee families, totaling over 350 people served. We are overwhelmed by your generosity and your continued support of refugees. Thank you for standing with refugees and showing how welcoming Utah can be.  The attached PDF will act as your tax receipt. Please retain this form for your records. Values listed on the donation receipt are assigned by the donor, as we cannot provide valuation for in-kind donations. The IRC takes no responsibility in the valuation of donated goods. You should attach original receipts or copies of receipts to this donation receipt when filing your taxes.      If you would like to learn more about our work and other ways to get involved throughout the year, please visit Rescue.org/SupportSLC. Sponsors...

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On-site Testing Has Begun

The first day of on-site COVID testing went smoothly. 25 students were selected for this first round of randomized testing; 3 of the 25 were unable to attend; 2 were a no-show. With advance knowledge of the absent students, Margaret selected 2 individuals to take the available slots. In total, 21 tests were conducted on students ranging from toddle...

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Admissions Meeting: Jan. 11 - 6:30pm

This event will be virtual. The "Join Meeting" button above will connect you on the day of the event:  When: Tuesday, January 11, 2022 from 6:30-7:30pm. Enrollment Opens for 2022-2023: January 14, 2022.How to RSVP: Families interested in attending should begin by filling out the Admissions Inquiry form if not alre...

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Upgrading our Masks

Erin Lipovich is the parent of a Wasatch student, and an avid researcher. She has kindly compiled the following information to help the community source quality masks. Thanks Erin! The cloth masks recommended earlier in the pandemic helped prevent those infected from spreading covid-19. Today, with more highly contagious variants spreading, medical...

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Happy Holidays from MCS

May 2022 bring you peace, health, and happiness.  Thank you for your continued support and partnership.  

Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp at MCS is a multi-week program that focuses on a different area of the world each year. For Summer Camp 2022 (6/14/22-8/12/22), Russia will be our destination! A description of the camp, tuition prices, and policies can be found here. Summer Camp 2022 registration is now available to current MCS families, via a webform in...

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Fun Run 2021 - Please Help Now!

 Use the button to make a donation to this MEF sponsored event!  IN THE CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER  (meaning pouring rain or dumping snow, if it is sprinkling we will still run) We will reschedule for the next week at the same time This will be determined at 8:30 the day of We encourage you to join the school in this worthwhile e...

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MCS Staff Participate in Community Service

Ready to get dirty!

On the recent Professional Development Day, MCS staff participated in a service project during the break between the training sessions.  Staff members were broken up into six garden crews and assigned to specific areas of the campus to work in. Each group was given tools and spring blooming bulbs, corms or rhizomes to ...

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International Day of Peace, 2021

The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on the 21st of September. It is dedicated to world peace and specifically the absence of war and violence. For a number of years now, MCS has celebrated this important day.  This year, in honor of International Day of Peace, our students ...

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Featuring Student Work

Collaborative work by 3yr students in Oquirrh

3rd year students in Oquirrh collaborated to complete the separate squares of this art work. When finished they then assembled the individual pieces into this 100cm x120cm poster. Framing advice is appreciated.

Welcome to 2021-22

Dear MCS community, Brandi and I are delighted to welcome you to the 2021-2022 academic year. We are looking forward to meeting our new students and their parents as well as seeing all of our returning families. This is year 36 of MCS! It brings us great pleasure and pride to have an amazing community to partner with so as to be able to c...

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HEPA Filters

Thank you so much for stepping up and donating to this effort. We are just a few filters away from reaching our goal. Contributions can still be made. 1. You may make a financial donation via our sister organization, MEF, for a tax deductible write-off. The donation form will ask what class you want your donation to go toward, the am...

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To date, within the MCS population, we have had a total of 15 positive cases of COVID-19 occurring amongst our students and staff.   Figure 1. Total positive cases to date From the start of the school year and up to the Winter Break, all of the positive cases were staff (5 of 5 positive cases staff). Since Winter Break...

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh! To mark the occasion of Saint Patrick's Day, MCS staff and students were decked out in their finest green.   Many students arrived for school eager to tell us that leprechauns had visited their houses. Some had green toilet water, while others found sparkles in the bowl! A few children reported that their mi...

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