A Note from the Uinta Class - Montessori Market

We appreciate your participation in the Montessori Market which is run by our Uinta (Upper Elementary) class. Their two day Holiday Market was a huge success and thanks to your participation and support, they have earned enough funds to sponsor 14/30 people to participate in this years overnight Adventure.  The Uinta class will plan and execute a river trip this year as a culmination of their Great Outdoors study of water sheds. 

Your continued support of the market is appreciated and serves a beautiful cause.  Not only are the students given the opportunity and experience of running various aspects of a business, but they get to support the creative endeavors of those who sell handmade goods in the market. Lastly, their funds allow them to participate in an exciting overnight adventure each year.  With the guidance of their classroom and Great Outdoors teachers, the class organizes an entire three day/two night trip. Each of these are examples of how the Practical Life curriculum is executed at the Upper Elementary level. If you have interest in participating in the market by selling goods, please email the teachers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wren Monroe, a 4th year student in the Uinta class, prepared a wonderful letter of gratitude for our school community.

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