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All About Me

Uinta (Upper Elementary, Grades 4-6)

With the start of a fresh new school year, Uinta students and teachers set out on our very first Writing Workshop. The assignment culminated in a foldable book called "All About Me!". Students made use of creative writing, self reflection, and the writing process.

Assembly begins

There was anticipation as we translated our names into the runic alphabet, and laughter as we created our "codenames" (i.e. iridescent jumping spider)! And, a poem was carefully crafted by each student wherein they decided how they would run things, if they were in charge of the world. 

Nearing completion

To close out the assignment, everyone revisited their work, spent time proofreading and editing their text, as well developing the phrasing and organization of their writing.  In the coming weeks, a self evaluation will be completed to identify what went well, and how we can all improve in the future.

Staff are completing the assignment too!

Competed foldables will be displayed outside of Unita for the community to read and remark on (lower level, Dance Studio hallway). 

- Chip Reichanadter  
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