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Introducing our Elementary Staff

The art of engaging children is at the heart of the Montessori elementary classroom. Captivating interest is the key to motivating further exploration, practice, and mastery. The adult's role is multifaceted. Inspiring the children to connect to knowledge and skills, she fosters work in the classroom by presenting a wide range of stories and lessons. She is a beacon of calm in a swirl of activity and the deep bond between teacher and child, cultivated over the three-year relationship, is at the root. Adults are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining an enriched environment always prepared for the children's work.

– Montessori Guide 

Lower Elementary Teachers: Bonnie, Diana and Ruth

Upper Elementary Teachers: Carson, Chip and Joshi 

Watch this short video from Montessori Guide to learn more about the role of the Adult in the Elementary classroom. The Hook

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