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Lego Robotics - FIRST LEGO League Competition

Earlier this year parents Cheryl Baird and Stacy Bamberg created a LEGO Robotics team comprised of 11 Upper Elementary students.  This weekend the students, the self proclaimed Top Hat Team, competed in their first competition where their Robot earned them almost enough points to take them to the next competition.  They placed 8th out of 21 teams who competed, the first 7 teams qualifying for the next competition which will take place at Weber State University in February.  While they didn't qualify to move on, the team had a great time working together and took away some valuable lessons.  They remained upbeat, positive and energetic throughout the day.  

We want to congratulate the team and thank participating parents for time and energy supporting our students through this fun process.  We ar already talking about how to start preparing a team for next year.  If you have a child who is currently a third, fourth or fifth year elementary student and you are interested in coaching/mentoring the team next year, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Students practice their missions between rounds.

Students must invent a solution to a problem they identify in their community. The team created a Trashinator; a machine which would decrease the trash left on the floors in the bathrooms. 

Parents and students waiting to present round 2.

Round we go!

Celebrating a fantastic round!

Our gratitude to those parents and students who participated in this fun process.  

Goooooooo Team Top Hats!!!
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