This year, Spring Camp brought an underground adventure to life through the exploration of caves. Monday, our students learned about the formation of caves and the different types of caves that exist throughout our planet. Students worked together to construct a large cave.

Tuesday, our students learned about the unique geology found in caves. They learned about the various rocks and minerals often found in caves. They constructed stalactites and stalagmites to be placed in the cave for further exploration and creative freedom.

Wednesday, students learned about the different cave dwellers and the adapt to their environment. Students helped to create works of art on the cave walls and created bats to hang from the ceiling of the cave. Thursday, students learned about speleologists, those who study caves. Students learned about the equipment and safety gear speleologists use to explore and learn about caves safely. Each student made a hardhat with LED lights to explore their cave in the dark.

Friday, the students explored the deepest and largest caves around the world. Each students each made their own cave dioramas with personal touches of artwork, inhabitants, and formations they have been learning about.

Thank you to our wonderful Camp Director, Corey Day, for putting this incredible camp together. Also, to all of our wonderful staff who worked and helped implement a wonderful week of learning and discovery.