Stay Cool!

Our Summer Camp students know how to stay cool! This last month, despite the heat, we have been able to enjoy various field trips and activities that have allowed us to have fun and cool off!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and finding their own creative ways to stay cool and spend fun time together. It is hard to believe the new school year will be starting soon!We would love to encourage you to allow your students' creativity, energy, and thirst for learning and exploring guide and motivate you to new ideas and adventures.

Allow your student(s) time to engage themselves in the outdoors. Get up into the mountains and cool off with a new nature hike, bike ride, fishing, etc.

Also, find creative indoor activities such as beadwork, noodle art, painting, or simply reading together.

Other great ideas are places such as the Discovery Gateway, Clark Planetarium, and various splash pads.

Ultimately, stay cool, be active, and enjoy time with one another before the hustle the new academic year brings. Have a great weekend everyone!

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