There are a variety of reasons we are seeking accreditation as a Montessori school:

We decided to undergo the International Montessori Council accreditation program because they work with the variety of trainings our teachers have, from veteran teachers who have been with us for 20+ years to recently certified teachers, rather than requiring all of our staff to have one particular certification. We have been impressed by the quality and availability of their teacher certification programs. IMC leadership is highly responsive to questions regarding any aspect of leading a Montessori school. They are recognized as an accreditation commission by MACTE, the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education. 


We have completed the ratings of the IMC Accreditation self-study and are currently working on the narrative portion and gathering the evidence for each standard. Thank you to the parents and teachers who met with the committees to assess MCS on the five standards: Vision and Purpose, Governance and Leadership, Education, Resources, and Cycle of Continuous Improvement. 

Our goal is to complete the IMC Accreditation and in the process to reflect on our school practices, policies, and communications in order to better improve how we fulfill our mission, goals and vision and how we serve our stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, staff, community).

Highlights from the Committee meetings and ratings

Things we are doing well:

Things we need to work on (areas that are currently undergoing development and therefore need ongoing monitoring to measure the effectiveness of the current systems and any modifications or addition that may need to be implemented):

Next Steps:

Prepared by Ramira Alamilla, October 2019