Lost and Found


 Luckliy, we have not found any elephants or chickens, but we have found some very nice jackets, coats, towels, books,  lunch tupperwear, and many other various items. You may find all lost and found items on a table in the lobby.   Our lost and found needs your help! Please stop by and see if anything belongs to you.

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MCS Prepares for the New School Year


 Toddlers are so excited to be setting up their classrooms and adding new works to the shelves. Ms. Kellie and Ms. Jennifer research new projects.  Aspens class is ready to go! Ms. Ruby poses for a picture between running copies of some work material. Magnolias are making headway! They are so excited to have Ms. Ana Maria joining their teaching team. Ms. Evi plugs away with lesson plans while the classroom is looking beautiful! Ms. Kay is checking to ensure everything is in order. Frank the fish is so happy with new water! Lower Elementary (1st grade - 3rd grade) has a lot going on-- Ms. Sophie, new to the Lower Elementary Oquirrh class is hard at work making materials while Ms. Diana is organizing new Spanish lessons. Upper Elementary's (4th grade - 6th grade) teachers, Laura and Margaret, hard at work exploring various props and costumes.  Joshi, our Middle School teacher, is in and out ensuring materials...

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MCS Monthly Energy Production Report


 Montessori Community School is making a difference in our community by offsetting carbon by 6.81 tons (about 175 trees). View current energy production here.

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Elementary Fishing Field Trip


 Our Elementary Summer Adventures Camp Class explores bait fishing at Teapot Lake with much success! Thank you to Brad Fuller for guiding this activity.

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MCS Early Childhood Summer Camp


   Our Early Childhood students had a really fanstastic time the first summer session.  The children who are new to the program are fitting in nicely and getting settled.  The field trips and splash/bounce days have been a success and even with a little cold weather, camp is a huge success! 

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Toddler Summer Fun


 Our Toddlers, ages 18 months to 3 years, are having a very busy and productive summer.  We are always amazed at these little ones and all they are capable of!   MCS still has space in our Toddler program for fall.  Give us a call to schedule a tour and learn more about the magic of Montessori at the Toddler level. 

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MCS Enjoys the Warming Weather!


"It is also necessary for his physical development to place the soul of the child in contact with creation, in order that he may lay up for himself treasure from the directly educating forces of living nature."- Maria MontessoriWith the weather improving, what could be better than moving some daily learning into the outdoors? Maria Montessori was a real advocate for the learning experiences that take place outdoors. She emphasized the outdoor environment being an extension of the classroom. Our teachers are so fabulous at encouraging and helping our students to enjoy explore, learn, and love the outdoors. "There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature."- Maria Montessori 

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"Quote of the Week"


Happy Monday, everyone!  

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Aspens Class Field Trip


Thanks again to Ute Crossfit owners and MCS parents Bobbi Jo and Tommy for providing a fantastic field trip for our Aspens class.  The students (and parent chaperones and teachers) had a really great time!

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