School Closure Care

Montessori Community School offers the following camps at an additional cost during regular school closures.

  • Summer Adventures Camp
  • Spring Break Camp
  • Winter Camp
  • Interim Camp

Montessori Community School is built on the quality of our faculty and staff, and our Camps embrace these same values and commitment to excellence. The Camp staff create a structured, safe and supportive environment in which the children study various cultures and special topics through language, field trips, art, cooking, music and dance. As our campers “journey” through the theme or subject of study they gain the hands-on experience and skills needed to stretch their minds and enhance their individual talents.

Summer Camp also gives our students the opportunity to learn about the transition into the next “grade” level and to build relationships with staff members and classmates. While a lot of learning takes place during Summer Camp our primary focus is that the children have FUN!

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