Winter Sports

The Montessori Community School Annual Winter Sports Program is offered to our Lower and Upper Elementary Students and Third Year (Kindergarten) Early Childhood Students. For five Wednesdays, beginning the end of January running through February, participants can choose to either enroll in ski or snowboard lessons at Snowbird Ski Resort up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Students are expected to have purchased or rented ski gear before each trip. Group rental arrangements are arranged by MCS but must be taken care of by each family individually and before the first ski trip. Professional transportation (either a full size bus or van, depending on enrollment numbers) is arranged. Students will leave the school at approximately 12:00 pm and arrive at Snowbird at 12:45 pm for a 2.5 hour lesson. Students leave Snowbird at 4:00 pm and return to school by 4:30pm (times are approximate). Unless Little Cottonwood Canyon is closed, we will plan to ski/snowboard in all weather conditions. Snowboarding is for students 8 years and older; skiing is for ages 5 and up. Parents are invited to sign-up to chaperone. Registration forms are typically available in early December.

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