Winter Sports 2022

MCS partners with a local resort each year to allow our students a region specific experience of ski and snowboard lessons. This year, our Winter Sports Program will take place at Snowbird- January 12th, 19th, 26th, February 2nd and 9th. Students K-6th Grade are eligible to participate in Winter Sports and are automati...

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The Montessori classroom provides daily opportunities to develop and practice courage.

It is amazing to observe the breadth of accomplishment that a Montessori environment fosters. Courage is not traditionally thought of as an educational outcome but then again Montessori is not traditional. For children, courage is the ability to try new things even if they are afraid and as they mature courage becomes the ability to do what is righ...

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COVID Safety Measures Update

The school's COVID-19 Safety Protocols for 2021-22 can be found in the footer of the school's website - The most recent updates are listed below: 5-11 year olds are now eligable for COVID Vaccinations  When fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (2 weeks after their final dose), MCS will no longer require students to q...

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Montessori and the Myth of Low Student Teacher Ratios

A Montessori teacher is similar to a juggler

As parents we have to judge what makes a good educational program for our children. We ask our friends, we look at the school – is it clean and orderly and bright? We look at the children – do they seem happy? We observe the teacher - are they engaged and interested in the children? These are things that we can judge. And then we remember that we'v...

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Update on COVID-19 School Testing Program

Thank you for participating in the recent survery related to on-site COVID testing at MCS. 208 responses were submitted. The results, along with additional details of the program being considered, are included below.    Why Consider Testings at MCS?  Testing provides an important layer of prevention, particularly ...

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Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp at MCS is a multi-week program that focuses on a different area of the world each year. For Summer Camp 2022 (6/14/22-8/12/22), Russia will be our destination! A description of the camp, tuition prices, and policies can be found here. Summer Camp 2022 registration is now available to current MCS families, via a webform in...

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Lockout Security Procedure Explained

A lockout is a precautionary security procedure implemented to minimize exposure to an external threat. Examples would be elevated police activity in the neighbourhood, dangerous wildlife spotted nearby, or hazards in close proximity to the school. Should a lockout be warranted, an announcement will be made via the school's intercom to alert staff....

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Don’t get tricked this Halloween!

Avoid a candy/drug mix-up by keeping medicine up and out of reach. If you suspect someone has mistaken drugs for candy, call 1-800-222-1222 for #PoisonHelp.Be careful with cosmetics. Only use nontoxic face paints and test on the skin before use. Throw away all candy or treats that are not in their original wrappers. Glow sticks are f...

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COVID Safety Measure Updates

Reporting Test Results  Please send all test results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the individual's name and either positive or negative test result in the subject line. Photos of test results are acceptable. The negative test result is understood as clearance to return to school.   New Exposure After Recovery If you are exposed to COVID-...

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Parent Teacher Partnerships

The parent teacher partnership is different from any other professional relationship you enter. You call the electrician to your house. You tell him what you think the problem is. He then uses his expertise and experience to diagnose and fix the problem. He doesn't need your help (nor does he want you to get shocked in the process). When he is fini...

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Fun Run 2021 - Please Help Now!

 Use the button to make a donation to this MEF sponsored event!  IN THE CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER  (meaning pouring rain or dumping snow, if it is sprinkling we will still run) We will reschedule for the next week at the same time This will be determined at 8:30 the day of We encourage you to join the school in this worthwhile e...

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Offering Encouragement not Empty Praise

Create an environment where your child feels encouraged to become aware of his own actions

Parents sometimes use far too much praise in a well-intentioned attempt to build their child's self-esteem: 'You're an awesome climber, you're a great artist, you're great at sitting quietly.' However, often these remarks are not really sincere and they teach children to depend on praise for motivation to do something. When we praise children for d...

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MCS Staff Participate in Community Service

Ready to get dirty!

On the recent Professional Development Day, MCS staff participated in a service project during the break between the training sessions.  Staff members were broken up into six garden crews and assigned to specific areas of the campus to work in. Each group was given tools and spring blooming bulbs, corms or rhizomes to ...

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International Day of Peace, 2021

The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on the 21st of September. It is dedicated to world peace and specifically the absence of war and violence. For a number of years now, MCS has celebrated this important day.  This year, in honor of International Day of Peace, our students ...

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Introducing Amanda Bywaters

Please join us in welcoming Amanda to MCS.

Amanda Bywaters joined us in 2021-22 as our Student Support Coordinator. During the first few weeks of this school year, Amanda will join each class, from infants to upper elementary, weekly to focus on Social/Emotional Learning lessons. You will get to read a snapshot of these lessons on Friday's Montessori Compass activity rep...

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Encouragment & Obstacles

The achievement belongs to the child.

The Encouragement of Eliminating Obstacles by Edward Fidellow The best encouragement you give is often the kind that is not seen – eliminating obstacles. This action is a hallmark of a Montessori education. Eliminating obstacles is not obvious – because you have removed them but it is essential for the amazing accomplishments that ch...

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Featuring Student Work

Collaborative work by 3yr students in Oquirrh

3rd year students in Oquirrh collaborated to complete the separate squares of this art work. When finished they then assembled the individual pieces into this 100cm x120cm poster. Framing advice is appreciated.

International Day of Peace

"Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of educators."  ~Maria Montessori Montessori's peace education establishes a mindset and practice of advocacy, love, and respect. Dr. Maria Montessori was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on three different occasions. Her legacy lives on as she is now widely recognized...

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Becoming a Montessori Parent

There are seven simple steps to becoming a Montessori parent. When we say simple we don't mean that they are not challenging. It is a lot like the definition of bull riding. "The object is to keep the bull between you and the ground." Simple – but challenging.  The first step to becoming a Montessori parent took place when you enrolled your ch...

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Robyn's Message to the Community-MEF Giving Projects

Mariana (photo from 2021-22)

Each year we hold fundraisers, such as the Fun Run, in which our students participate, in order to earn money to go towards our Giving Projects. The funds are donated to Montessori Educational Foundation (M.E.F ), the non-profit arm of the school that currently is used exclusively for charitable purposes.  Project #1 Children Of Ethiopia Educa...

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