Offering Encouragement not Empty Praise

Create an environment where your child feels encouraged to become aware of his own actions

Parents sometimes use far too much praise in a well-intentioned attempt to build their child's self-esteem: 'You're an awesome climber, you're a great artist, you're great at sitting quietly.' However, often these remarks are not really sincere and they teach children to depend on praise for motivation to do something. When we praise children for d...

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MCS Staff Participate in Community Service

Ready to get dirty!

On the recent Professional Development Day, MCS staff participated in a service project during the break between the training sessions.  Staff members were broken up into six garden crews and assigned to specific areas of the campus to work in. Each group was given tools and spring blooming bulbs, corms or rhizomes to ...

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International Day of Peace, 2021

The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on the 21st of September. It is dedicated to world peace and specifically the absence of war and violence. For a number of years now, MCS has celebrated this important day.  This year, in honor of International Day of Peace, our students ...

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Introducing Amanda Bywaters

Please join us in welcoming Amanda to MCS.

Amanda Bywaters has joined our staff as Student Support Coordinator. She has spent the past few weeks of school observing in all classes, familiarizing herself with the support process, and helping organize the documentation system and structures for staff to easily follow.  Amanda is a native Oregonian and grew up in ...

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Encouragment & Obstacles

The achievement belongs to the child.

The Encouragement of Eliminating Obstacles by Edward Fidellow The best encouragement you give is often the kind that is not seen – eliminating obstacles. This action is a hallmark of a Montessori education. Eliminating obstacles is not obvious – because you have removed them but it is essential for the amazing accomplishments that ch...

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Featuring Student Work

Collaborative work by 3yr students in Oquirrh

3rd year students in Oquirrh collaborated to complete the separate squares of this art work. When finished they then assembled the individual pieces into this 100cm x120cm poster. Framing advice is appreciated.

International Day of Peace

"Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of educators."  ~Maria Montessori Montessori's peace education establishes a mindset and practice of advocacy, love, and respect. Dr. Maria Montessori was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on three different occasions. Her legacy lives on as she is now widely recognized...

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Becoming a Montessori Parent

There are seven simple steps to becoming a Montessori parent. When we say simple we don't mean that they are not challenging. It is a lot like the definition of bull riding. "The object is to keep the bull between you and the ground." Simple – but challenging.  The first step to becoming a Montessori parent took place when you enrolled your ch...

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Children of Ethiopia Education Fund


A message from Robyn Eirwata-Buchanan For many years now the non-profit arm of the school, Montessori Educational Foundation (MEF) has paid for the education and supplies of several girls in Ethiopia, through the organization Children of Ethiopia Education Fund (COEEF). The main reason that this charity gained our attention ...

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We are Accreditated!

Congratulations! Montessori Community School of Salt Lake City has been awarded Accreditation at Full Accreditation Status by the International Montessori Council and is now a part of a global network of accredited Montessori schools. This action was taken by the IMC Board of Trustees and the IMC Accreditation Commision on February 1...

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Welcome to 2021-22

Dear MCS community, Brandi and I are delighted to welcome you to the 2021-2022 academic year. We are looking forward to meeting our new students and their parents as well as seeing all of our returning families. This is year 36 of MCS! It brings us great pleasure and pride to have an amazing community to partner with so as to be able to c...

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Separation Anxiety is Normal

Time for a deep breath

Welcome Back! School is officially in session. As excited as we all might be about school starting it can be difficult for you and/or your child to say goodbye in the mornings. Don't be surprised if your child is having a difficult time even if they are returning to the same classroom, with the same teachers, and the same peers. Sepa...

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Where do I Drop-Off and Pick-Up From?

A very considerate 4th grade student graciously agreed to help orientate you! The following entrances are staffed during school day arrivals and departures: Event Entrance (parking lot/southwest corner of the gym) Wasatch & Oquirrh (8:15-8:30am/3:00-3:15pm)Willows & Aspens (8:30-8:45am/3:15-3:30pm) Main Entrance (parking lot) Uint...

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New Student/Family Orientation

New Student Orientation is Tuesday, August 24. Students and families who are new to MCS or who are moving up to a new program are invited to meet with their teachers and visit the classroom prior to the first day of school.  We respectfully ask that families be mindful to follow all directions and requests in order for...

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Tips to Ease the Transition into a New School Year

Establish a new bed time Ahead of time, start getting into the new routine so the night before school is a lot easier.  Involve your child in the preparation  It's always fun for the children to participate in the process. Having the lunchbox or pencilbox they picked can make a child feel excited about the start of the year. Rev...

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HEPA Filters

Thank you so much for stepping up and donating to this effort. We are just a few filters away from reaching our goal. Contributions can still be made. 1. You may make a financial donation via our sister organization, MEF, for a tax deductible write-off. The donation form will ask what class you want your donation to go toward, the am...

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Substitute Teacher Position - Part Time or Full Time

A well-established Montessori school in the Salt Lake City area is looking to hire substitute teachers for our toddler, early childhood and elementary classrooms. Experience working with children is preferred. You should be flexible, adaptable, and willing to learn.The schedule varies. You can be called first thing in the morning and asked to subst...

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Gratitude from Brandi and Margaret

And here it is, the end of another school year.  Call it what you like - unprecedented, singular or done (phew),  this year has certainly been one for the books! Brandi and I want to thank our students, staff and parents for the support and patience shown these past 10 months. We had successes and some challenges,...

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Looking Ahead to 2021-22

With the end of the 2020-21 school year in sight, we know many of you may be wondering about our plans for the fall. While predicting the future is beyond our grasp we assume that 2021-22 will still be affected by the pandemic. This past year, we learned a great deal from our successes and challenges while conducting in person school and have ...

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Infant Program - Opening Fall 2021

MCS is excited to announce the opening of our Infant Program. Parents will now have the opportunity to enroll their infants in a program specifically created for newborns through 18 months. Applications can be submitted starting June 1. The Montessori approach to infant education honors each child and provides a safe, nurturing and consistent ...

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