Leslie Babalis

 Assistant Teacher - Stars

Leslie started working at MCS in 2019 with our toddler department. She took last year off due to the pandemic and is now back with the toddler galaxy, she calls home. Leslie works in our stars class as the Assistant teacher. She works throughout the classroom observing the children and offering support if and when needed. Leslie takes pride in her work and strives to always continue to grow in the MCS community. She has had a passion for dance since she was young and started teaching dance as a junior in high school. Now as an adult she still shares her passion with young girls and boys ages 4 yr -18yrs old who put on seasonal performances. Leslie worked as a toddler teacher and infant teacher from 2013-2016 before staying at home with her youngest after he was born. What Leslie loves most about Montessori is the holistic view on education and the philosophy of following the child to find what works best for them. Graduated from West High School here in Salt Lake City and attended Salt Lake community college, she finds inspiration in knowing she is helping to guide the future generations.


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