Administrative Team

Robyn Eriwata-Buchanan

Executive Director - Owner

Robyn Eriwata-Buchanan was born and grew up in New Zealand. Robyn's mother, Patricia Eriwata, still lives in New Zealand while Robyn and Pamela, her two daughters, live in the United States and her son, John, lives in Australia. Robyn tries to visit home frequently to spend time with her mother, their family and close friends. Before she married Robyn was an elementary public school teacher in New Zealand and British Columbia, Canada. She is married to Robert Buchanan and has four children, Jordyn - who lives in New York City with his wife Laura - Jemmyn and Marisa, and her husband David, who live in Salt Lake City, and KereAna, her youngest daughter, who currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Jemmyn works as the Marketing/IT manager at the school. Robyn's sister, Pamela, works in administration part of the year. Robyn obtained her Montessori credential from MWEI (Montessori World Education Institute). Robyn loves to travel and has traveled extensively. She loves to read, attend the theatre, spend as much time as possible at the beach, swim, walk and participate in Zumba, and spend time with family and friends. What Robyn likes best about being the Head of School is the joyfulness of the children and her relationship with the staff and school community. Little known fact about Robyn: she is a descendant of Te Wharepouri, a Maori Chief.

Bob Buchanan

Buchanan BobOwner

Bob Buchanan is the co-owner of the Montessori Community School and is married to Robyn. Bob was born and raised in Venice, Utah. He has a Ph.D. in Geography and taught Urban Planning as an adjunct professor at the University. For many years he was a private consultant as an urban planner for many communities in Utah, and later worked in the same field for Salt Lake City. Bob retired from his position as the Director of Economic Development for West Valley City a few years ago. His latest interest is gardening and he has an enormous vegetable garden and small orchard in Venice where his spends many hours every week.

Britney Peterson

School DirectorPeterson Britney

Britney developed her love of Montessori as a high school student when she worked with Lower Elementary students in an after-school program. Since then she has been trained and certified in Early Childhood and Lower Elementary through the National Center for Montessori Education. She has taught in the classroom at the Toddler, Early Childhood, and Elementary levels. Britney has also worked as the Assistant Director and Training Advisor of the Southern Utah Montessori Teacher Training Center and as the Assistant Director of Dayspring Montessori in St. George, Utah. Her favorite part of her job is sharing the beauty of Montessori with other adults, namely parents and teachers. She and her three children, who also attend MCS, moved to the area just recently and are enjoying all the wonderful outdoor adventures that Salt Lake has to offer. Britney enjoys rock climbing and rappelling, hiking, cooking, reading, and Sunday adventures with her boys. Little known fact about Britney: she spent a year teaching and traveling in Guatemala.

Ramira Alamilla

Alamilla RamiraDirector of Admissions & Accreditation

Ramira was born in Los Angeles, California, where she attended Montessori school from 2½ to 6 years of age. That experience shaped her love of learning, exploring and reading, and her deep respect for teachers, which is why she is grateful that her children, who are triplets, have the opportunity to attend Montessori Community School. Prior to joining the MCS staff, Ramira was a college counselor at Judge Memorial High School since 2001. She enjoyed helping students through important decision-making times and helping them organize their applications to college. Outside of work, she loves reading, writing, independent films, live music, African dancing, and travel, and she's looking forward to the day when she can get back to those interests, though she enjoys introducing her children to them little by little. A little known fact about Ramira: she danced in the Ballet Folklorico for one year in college and her favorite dance was the "Jarabe Tapatio" - the Mexican hat dance.

Margaret Mc Donald

McDonald MargaretUpper Elementary Teacher/Director of Curriculum/ Director of Operations 

Margaret Mc Donald has been at MCS since 1994. Margaret received her Montessori teaching credentials for Early Childhood, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary from the London Montessori Center in Dublin, Ireland. For the past 24 years she has been teaching students between the ages of 2½ to 14 years old. Margaret, who was born in Ireland, came to the States in 1990 and lived in Florida and Colorado before moving to Utah. In her free time Margaret likes to bake, garden, knit read and run. 

Nanette Cenaruzabeitia

Nanette CenaruzabeitiaDirector of Staff Development

Nanette Cenaruzabeitia was born in Salt Lake City and has lived here all her life. Her husband, Felix, has recently retired. Nanette has three children who also live in Salt Lake City. Jim is a pharmacy technician, Maria is working in medical billing, and Alecia who graduated from Westminster College. All three of her children attended Montessori schools – Alecia was one of the first elementary school students at Montessori Community School when it was known as Tenth East. In her free time, Nanette likes to read murder mysteries with mayhem! She also enjoys spending time with her family. Nanette was trained and certified in Montessori at the Early Childhood level in 1983 from Little Way Montessori in Washington State and completed her Infant and Toddler certification through the Institute for Guided Studies. She enjoys working with children and hopes to do so for many years to come! Little known fact about Nanette: Her maiden name is Fenn.

Brandi Allen

Director of Extended Day and Specialties

Brandi Allen was born and raised in Utah. Her husband, Earl, is a project manager at the U of U. She has three children – Nate, Emilia, and Oliver which have all attended MCS and now one is currently teaching in Early Childhood. Brandi has been a stay-at-home mom, a yoga teacher and a ski instructor. She started working at Montessori Community School in 1990 and has a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Utah. She has her AMS Montessori Elementary Certification which she completed through Westminster College in 2014. She enjoys spending time in the outdoors with her family and dogs.

Ashlee Quilter

Executive Assistant to Director 

Ashlee's enchantments derive from the numerous experiences she has joined and absorbed. She harbors great love and respect for nature. Her boho-gone-classy style is representative of her heart's desire to be immersed in the outdoors and cling to the energy nature freely offers. Her penchant for exploration, history and cultures has riveted her trail throughout the world. To name a few: she has danced under Stonehenge, perfumed by gypsies on a rickety train between Slovakia and Hungary, fallen in love with Michelangelo's David in Italy, gone Zorbing and hang-gliding in the Swiss Alps, and raced ATVs through the mud of Jamaica. She grew comfortable with different cultures at the young of age five when she lived in Guatemala and later Hungary for a time. However, the inflections of life and its adventures mean nothing without her adored husband and lively daughter whom she cherishes above all. Ashlee is extremely artistic and has an eye for creating masterpieces, whether its furniture arranging, painting, cooking, horticulture or landscape design; everything she touches blossoms. She thrived as she attained her Bachelor's of Science from the University of Utah in Recreation Therapy, and enjoys both witnessing and helping people reach goals and succeed. Above all things, she believes in loving others and acceptance. She is thrilled to be working with the Montessori youth and considers the teaching and learning here another one of her experiences to which she has joined and absorbs into her enchanting essence. 

Jemmyn Buchanan

JemmynBIT/ Marketing/ Facilities Manager

Jemmyn is in charge of marketing the Montessori Community School of Salt Lake City. He also manages the technology which powers the school and assists with the facilities and operations of the school. Jemmyn grew up taking things apart. When he was six years old he took the family television apart and after some fairly intense internal dialog within the family, he had to figure out how to put it back together. Since then he has continued to have a curiosity about how things work and he has also continued to take things apart. Jemmyn is the CEO of Tiki Multimedia, LLC a full marketing and production company which creates audio, video, web, print, design and marketing plans for numerous nonprofits and small businesses. While many of his skills are self-taught he posseses multiple certifications in the field of technology and digital production.

Jordan Newbould

Jordan NewbouldIT Intern

Jordan is currently a full-time student at the University of Utah studying Information Systems on a scholarship and going for his Bachelor's degree. Jordan was referred to the job by his Step-father Cody who has been a long time friend of the current IT manager, Jemmyn. Cody has also inspired Jordan's current career path of Information System. He is excited to proactively lead with a job aligned with his goals and prepare himself for professional development in his career.

Marisa Granado

Office Manager

Marisa has lived in Salt Lake City throughout most of her life. She is the chosen child of Robyn and Bob and has been working with the Montessori School on and off for many years. She completed two Bachelor’s Degrees at Westminster College in Social Science and Environmental Studies, which included a study abroad program in Costa Rica. She loves traveling and has explored many countries, as well as the majority of the United States. Marisa enjoys spending time with her family, her husband, and her child, AnaMarie, who attends MCS in the Toddler Program. One fun fact about Marisa is she plays Classical piano.

D'Anne Richardson

Business Manager

D’Anne is ageless at heart, accompanied by timeless wisdom, and tempered by visions of hindsight. She is a universal person, who welcomes the unique differences of others and accepts it as a great gift she receives, adding richness to her life. D’Anne does not judge others and asks they not judge her either, but rather delight in the chance to meet, listen and learn from one another. In truth; D’Anne is embracing the journey of her life while living happily in the Rocky Mountains. She is the annoying little sister, a loyal and loving wife, adoring mother, doting grandmother, silly auntie, friend to many, law abiding citizen, supporter of every soldier, a good listener, protector of those who cannot speak for themselves, surrogate to those less fortunate, and a best friend to all the animals (especially dogs, horses and birds). She owned a gourmet food business for 20 years called G'Ardees Gourmet Foods. Since 2004, she has been providing accounting and administrative support to many small businesses throughout the Wasatch front. D’Anne loves the work she does very much! She has been an art connoisseur her whole life, a literary simpleton and a hopeless romantic. Last but not least, D’Anne loves horses and you will find her often riding on trails nearby the barn. D’Anne loves on the horses whose owners seem to have lost interest. They are her comfort, her therapists, as well as her best friends. Quote..“We speak to one other in soft thoughts and respectful actions. The best day ever is when I press my face into the neck of my horse and breath his soul into my heart”.

Sabine Mathews

Office Assistant

Sabine has always been an outgoing person and loves people. She is in theatre productions and enjoys music, writing, and reading. Sabine found MCS when her mother became a teacher here and she has always loved the Montessori teaching method because it is what she grew up with.

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