Toddler Teachers

Fernanda Rosevear

Rosevear-Fernanda-1Montessori Teacher - Moons

Fernanda was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to a large and enthusiastic family from Brazil and Bolivia. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Utah in Gender Studies and History. She began her Montessori journey in 2013 where she worked with Early Childhood. She is passionate about Montessori Education and has recently completed her Montessori Infant and Toddler training through the Institute of Guided Studies. Fernanda currently teaches in the Moon’s Class and truly loves working with these young people. A fun fact about Fernanda is she loves working with plants. 

Nozomi Benson

Montessori Teacher - Stars

Nozomi was born and raised in the beautiful coastal countryside of northwestern Japan. She came to the U.S. to attend college, and she graduated from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville with a Bachelor of Music in flute performance. Nozomi’s first experience with Montessori was here at Montessori Community School in 2006-2007. With the encouragement of the school, Nozomi studied and received her Montessori certification from NAMC in infant-toddler and twos. After moving to Texas in 2007, Nozomi taught Montessori in San Antonio, and later preschool in the Houston area for several years. Texas is good, but she is happy to be back in mountainous Utah after a ten-year absence. Nozomi enjoys playing her flute, hiking and traveling with her husband and son, and cheering on the Utah Jazz. Fun fact about Nozomi: she once performed with her university band at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Brooklyn Roush

 Assistant Teacher - Stars

Brooklyn Roush was born & raised in Utah. She is an assistant teacher and extended day teacher in toddlers. Brooklyn has been babysitting for about 10 years, & has loved working with children. She chose a MCS, because of the values and teachings. Her introduction to Montessori came from a close family friend, and is interested in learning about the development of children & how to work with them. In her free time, she enjoys movies, basketball, & helping take care of her baby cousins.

Alyssa Lund

Montessori Teacher - Moons

Alyssa was raised mostly in Minnesota, but moved to Utah in 2006 for college, discovered the mountains, and forgot to leave. She has a BFA in Theater- Costume Design from the University of Utah. She started at MCS in 2012 and fell in love with the beauty of Montessori, becoming a certified Infant/Toddler guide through IGS in 2014. Alyssa can frequently be found knitting something new, devouring a good book, discussing dinosaurs with her daughter, or exchanging inside jokes with her husband.

Daniela Ramirez

Assistant Teacher - Stars

Daniela is a very shy, caring, humble, and nurturing. She grew up in Southern California in a small town called Ridgecrest, then moved to Utah when she was 13 years old. Daniela has been working at FBCCC for 5 years with the 12-18 month old children. She chose to work in a Montessori environment to learn how these children learn on self direct play, hands-on, and being more independent.

Madison Christensen

Assistant Teacher - Moons

Hello, I am Madison Christensen and I love working with kids and doing fun activities!

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