Disabled Staff

Sydnee Sartor

Elementary Extended Day Teacher

Sydnee was born and raised in Salt Lake City, and loves it here. She likes to travel and see new places, but thinks that coming back home is always great, too. Syndee loves being outside hiking, camping, and hammocking, as well indoor things like visiting art museums, doing crafts, and cooking. Sydnee started out at the University of Utah as a sociology major, until she began working at an elementary school as a reading tutor. She had so much fun and loved watching the students get excited about learning new things. Her next year in school she changed her major to elementary education, and is now currently studying, working and volunteering in classrooms as much as she can. Sydnee learned about the Montessori program in one of her classes at the University of Utah and is excited to be working at a Montessori school!

Nicole Bonnenfant

Nicole BonnenfantElementary Extended Day Teacher

Nicole was born on a chilly February morning in Mesa, Arizona, where she lived with her parents and Grandma. Her grandmother always taught her the importance of taking care of things, why it matters to have people or things depend on you; and not only what you can teach it - but what it can teach you. When she was three years old her family decided to move to Utah for a new start and a new job for her mother. Nicole has grown up in Utah ever since and loves it. She believes that you really can’t beat these Utah mountains and sunsets! Growing up, Nicole has always loved plants, children, and animals. Nicole knew she had a couple of dreams and choices to make to figure out where she wanted to be and what she wanted to be doing in life.

Nicole has been a vegetarian since age 12 and as of last year is now fully vegan. She never plans on going back! Because she was so passionate about animals, Nicole graduated high school a year early from Valley High to get a head start on her vet schooling. She did one year of pre-vet at SLCC while also teaching and taking childhood development classes, and started to realize that she was enjoying the childhood classes and being around children more than the vet studies. Around this time she got a job at Cactus & Tropicals in Draper. Shortly after starting there she found that her true passion was not as much in animals as it was plants. Her plant obsession took over and soon her house was full! She knew she had to follow where her heart and passion were and decided to switch her major. She applied and got accepted to Utah State University where she is currently working towards her degree in Horticulture.

Sarah Devere

Devere SarahSarah Devere was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, went to college in Gambier, Ohio and lived in Bloomington, Indiana and then back in Portland before coming to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2010. She has a major in Studio Art and a minor in Art History from Kenyon College, worked in commercial and film production in Portland and has a NASM personal training certificate. Sarah is passionate about creating imaginative art, cooking delicious and nutritious whole foods, and exploring physical movement by studying Pilates, cycling, and playing sports. She loves to share her playful and creative spirit with the kids at the Montessori Community School, helping to encourage and guide their natural creativity into their own works of art. She loves to see what they create and enjoyes the process of creating with them, all while talking about her love for vegetables and fruit. Sarah lives with her husband, Pablo, and their two kitties, Sparrow and Mozart.

Gillian Hanseen

Assistant Teacher

Gillian was born and raised here in Utah. She loves being outdoors, hiking, camping, and enjoying the beautiful scenery and mountains that this place has to offer. She also loves film, music, reading, listening to podcasts, and spending time with her family and friends! Gillian is so happy to be welcomed to MCS and was immediately drawn in by the loving and open atmosphere here. This being her first time working at a Montessori school, she’s excited to learn alongside these kids. Something she loves about the Montessori environment is that the activities and approach to learning is not a "one size fits all", but truly helps each child's growth with their own individual needs. A little known fact about Gillian is that she spent a few months living in Romania and volunteering at an orphanage there - it was the best experience ever!

D'Anne Richardson

Business Manager

D’Anne is ageless at heart, accompanied by timeless wisdom, and tempered by visions of hindsight. She is a universal person, who welcomes the unique differences of others and accepts it as a great gift she receives, adding richness to her life. D’Anne does not judge others and asks they not judge her either, but rather delight in the chance to meet, listen and learn from one another. In truth; D’Anne is embracing the journey of her life while living happily in the Rocky Mountains. She is the annoying little sister, a loyal and loving wife, adoring mother, doting grandmother, silly auntie, friend to many, law abiding citizen, supporter of every soldier, a good listener, protector of those who cannot speak for themselves, surrogate to those less fortunate, and a best friend to all the animals (especially dogs, horses and birds). She owned a gourmet food business for 20 years called G'Ardees Gourmet Foods. Since 2004, she has been providing accounting and administrative support to many small businesses throughout the Wasatch front. D’Anne loves the work she does very much! She has been an art connoisseur her whole life, a literary simpleton and a hopeless romantic. Last but not least, D’Anne loves horses and you will find her often riding on trails nearby the barn. D’Anne loves on the horses whose owners seem to have lost interest. They are her comfort, her therapists, as well as her best friends. Quote..“We speak to one other in soft thoughts and respectful actions. The best day ever is when I press my face into the neck of my horse and breath his soul into my heart”.

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