Winter Sports Closing Ceremony

And just like that Winter Sports 2022 is over. These past 5 weeks have flown by. Judging by the happy (and tired) students that emerged from the buses each week it appears that fun was had by all.   Our gratitude to everyone who made Winter Sports possible.   There is nothing quite like the panic of missing snow-pants, a broken clasp...

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A Glimpse into Winter Sports 2022

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First Day of Winter Sports 2015 - 2016

Congratulations to all our Winter Sports participants making it through the first day! We were so impressed with the order, care, and helpfulness from all involved. Everyone did so great that we made record time getting everyone ready, gear loaded, and on the busses. As far as first days go, we did awesome! Snowbird will be sorting out, refining, and arranging groups now as they have seen the kids and identified where they should be. Please be aware that your student's group may change next week for what they were in this week.  We look forward to another successful Winter Sports year and are excited about next week's lesson. Stay tuned for updates.

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Winter Sports Pictures 2/18/15


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