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Montessori Community School Alumni has over 1,500 members and continues to grow every year.

No matter how long you attended MCSSLC, you belong to the Alumni Association, and each of you is an important part of the history and the future of our school. Our Alumni program has a vibrant community and people from the community in the past offer a light into the experience of the community member from history. Our goal is to re-connect friends and faculty who made an impact on your lives.

Whether you were previously connected, or currently are a student, parent, grandparent, teacher, other family or staff member, we consider you to be part of the MCS Alumni. Please let us know how you are doing and if you attribute any of your life experience to your Montessori connection. Fill out the form below and join our Facebook Alumni Group and tell us more about your experience with Montessori Community School, Third Avenue Montessori, Second Avenue Montessori, Cottonwood Canyon Montessori or Tenth East Montessori Schools.

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