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Parent School Alliance (PSA) works directly with the Montessori Community School and Montessori Educational Foundation, creating a partnership to help strengthen, support, and empower our students, teachers, staff and families.

If you are a community member and would like to get involved, please contact the school now.

Service Learning

At the heart of our Service Learning curriculum at our school is Maria Montessori’s mandate to empower children to become agents of change, and our personal mission to create global citizens. The goal of the service work we do at all levels is to promote the development of lifelong lessons in empathy, hard work, and cultural awareness, while giving students a sense of belonging to a community.
Aligned with the Curriculum
Montessori education includes a large focus on peace education and authentic learning. Service learning fits squarely within this philosophy.
Students Find Solutions
Service learning is a teaching method that engages young people in finding solutions within their schools and communities as part of their academic studies or other type of intentional learning activity.
How Can I Be of Service?
Service learning begins with the question, “How can I be of service?” and calls each student to identify and develop their personal talents, abilities, or interests, and to use those to meet the needs of another. Involved in this process is self-reflection, an awareness of the needs around me, education about those needs, an understanding of how my actions can make a difference, and a willingness to extend myself in service.
Growing with the Individual
Our service learning program begins with age-appropriate tasks at the earliest age, then grows in scope and formality as our students complete elementary. Our infants learn to be independent and model this behavior to their peers. Our elementary students interact with individuals and organizations in our community who specialize in service. At all levels, our acts of service happen in our classrooms, within our community, in our local and national communities, and in our global community.
Service Learning Projects
Over the years our students have been involved in many service learning projects. Early Childhood and Elementary students have spent time with residents at local nursing homes, raked leaves and shoveled snow for the elderly, mentored Spanish speakers at the Guadalupe Center, planted trees at the Jordan River Parkway, raised funds through our “ Fun Run” for our Navajo grandmothers and our COEEF students, participated in our school wide recycling program and so many other experinces. See our blog for additional service learning projects.


Montessori Educational Foundation (MEF) is a nonprofit sister organization that works directly with the school to support Service Learning and connect previous Alumni members along with current families and community members.
We need your help. Please join community members in making an enthusiastic donation to MEF.


Montessori Community School Alumni has a strong vibrant Alumni community which is at the heart of fundraising, PSA and various service learning projects. Connect with us by clicking below.