Montessori Community School of Salt Lake City receives contributions from individuals and organizations in our community. We would like to honor everyone who has contributed to the school and recognize all efforts to make the school a stronger community. If you are interested in making a donation or contributing time or resources to the school please contact us directly.

Blue Sky Renewable Energy

A large array of photovoltaic solar panel cells were added to the roof of our building in 2013. When this array is generating more energy than we consume all excess power is fed back into the power grid as green energy. This is one way Montessori Community School is helping reduce emissions in our valley. A big thanks goes out to Rocky Mountain Power for the generous grant.

If you are interested in joining us to make an immediate difference please visit Rocky Mountain Power's - Blue Sky Renewable Energy page. By purchasing Blue Sky Energy from Rocky Mountain Power you will help facilitate other schools, offices, and residents installing their own solar panels.

RMP BlueSky Partner CMYK

Blog Post: MCS Introduces Installation of Solar Panels

Solar Panel Status - How Much Energy The Panels Are Generating


Xmission has supported MCS by donating a physical internet connection and web host since 2004. We continue to rely on Xmission for our website host and value their contribution. Xmission has demonstrated that they are easily the best and most reliable internet provider while they continue to go out of their way to help us.