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Staff Bio

Tori Snarr

Tori was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Arizona State University in 2016. Tori has always believed in the transformative power of art and was drawn to work in the non-profit arts sector after graduating. As a Program Coordinator for an organization that provides arts programming for youth, Tori realized a desire to spend more time working with children and pursued teaching full-time. She completed an educator preparation program in Arts Education and gained experience teaching art in a K-8 elementary school. After relocating to Salt Lake City in 2022, she decided to pursue teaching opportunities in a Montessori setting. Tori values the love of learning and respect for the earth that the Montessori philosophy instills in children. She enjoys creating with clay, reading, traveling, and enjoying time with her partner and their dog.