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2017 Navajo Rug Show

On Thursday, November 9th MCS’ 5th and 3rd year students had the opportunity to attend the Annual Navajo Rug Show at Deer Valley. They were able to meet with one of our two sponsored grandmothers through the Adopt-a-Native-Elder Program, Grandmother Elvira Horseherder. The Rug Show will continue on through the weekend. We encourage families and friends to go and learn more about the Navajo culture.

Our students took gifts to our grandmothers which included fleece blankets, woolen gloves and scarves, soap, hand and body lotion, dish towels etc – funds from the Fun Run. Our grandmothers were so grateful and delighted with the unexpected gifts.

Over the next few months we will be sending firewood (the greatest need at this time) woolen yarn for them to weave beautiful rugs, food certificates and also certificates for Walmart for them to buy clothing and household needs.

Our Head of School and school owners, Robyn and Bob, took the opportunity to attend the Rug Show on Sunday and to spend time with Grandmother Elvira and Anita and get to know more about them and their greatest needs. They are both so grateful for all the support from our School Community.