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2018 – 2019 Continuing Enrollment Letter from Administration

| Montessori Admin |

Dear MCS Families,

This email contains the link to MCS Continuing Enrollment forms for the 2018 – 2019 Academic Year. Included with these forms, you will find the new tuition schedules.  The overall tuition increase this year is approximately 3.4%. The additional funds garnered by this increase will be earmarked in three different ways: paying the rising costs of ensuring health care coverage for our staff, providing modest raises for our teachers and staff, and covering general ongoing inflationary costs.

We will be offering our Tuition Assurance Policy again this year. This optional program is designed to provide a measure of protection for both our families and the school in the case of student withdrawals during the school year. You will find more information enclosed within your packet.

If you are considering the Extended Day option, we would encourage you to sign up sooner rather than later. We base our Extended Day staffing on those who have signed up from the beginning of the year and we cannot always guarantee space for later schedule changes. Due to the challenge of meeting our ratios with appropriate staffing when changes are requested after the school year has begun, the deadline for making schedule changes is July 20, 2018. After that date, schedule changes will require a fee of $75.00.

If your child is moving into a new program at MCS (Toddler to Early Childhood or Early Childhood to Lower Elementary, for example), and you have a request for a certain classroom, please let the MCS Office know. Classroom requests will be considered, along with a number of other factors affecting classroom placement. As much as we feel fortunate that so many of our teachers stay year after year, we cannot guarantee that a particular teaching team will remain the same from year to year and hope that families will recognize that each of our classrooms offers a rich and effective Montessori environment for its students.

We understand that educational choices are a very thoughtful process and if your child will not be returning for the 2018 – 2019 year, we would appreciate you noting that information on the continuing enrollment form where indicated so we may plan accordingly. Additionally, if your family has elected not to return to MCS next year, we would recommend that you not relay that information to your child until close to the end of the academic year. It has been our experience that children who are told in advance of such a change often lose their focus for the balance of the year, and begin the process of separation long before the change is imminent. For that reason, we advise parents to wait until much closer to the end of school to tell their child that such a change is forthcoming. It will help your child stay on task, and will allow him/her to get the most out of the remaining months at our school.

Please complete the Continuing Enrollment form and submit your form, along with the $600.00 commitment fee (if applicable) no later than February 15, 2018. MCS will begin admitting new students for the upcoming year after February 15, 2018 and we recommend securing your child’s spot prior to that time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our administrative team. We are happy and honored that you have entrusted us with your child’s education.

Warm regards,

Robyn, Ramira, and Britney