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Adjustments to Safe Return to School

| Montessori Admin |

Following the evaluation of our COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures, three areas of our plan have been adjusted:

1. Health Screening
2. Criteria for Return to School
3. Travel Policy

Health Screening

The Health Screening Form has been adjusted to include screening for two additional symptoms – headache and congestion or runny nose. It also requires that parents take their child’s temperature at home. Additionally, the form includes a query regarding possible exposure.

Criteria for Returning to School

A child/staff who has exhibited COVID symptoms can return to school if:

  • No fever for 24 hours and without the support of medication;
  • AND no additional symptoms have presented;
  • AND if a healthcare provider confirms that the cause of the symptoms are not COVID-19 related based on a negative COVID-19 test. Test results should be shared with the school.

Negative Test- the individual may return to school when symptoms have improved and they are fever free without the aid of medication for at least 24 hours.

Positive Test- the individual must remain isolated until symptoms are improving and one of the following, whichever is longer:

  • 10 days have passed since symptoms began
  • 24 hours have passed since resolution of fever without the aid of medication

Travel Policy

A Travel Questionnaire must be completed in advance for all in-state and out of state trips involving students and staff. We reserve the right to require our students and staff to self quarantine upon return should the travel plans raise concerns regarding exposure. Airline travel will no longer automatically necessitate quarantine. The need to quarantine will be based on:

  • Circumstances at that time for the place of travel
  • Mode of transport
  • Accommodation
  • Activities/purpose of travel and
  • Possible exposure

We encourage our community to revisit the Safe Return to School to read the details of these adjustments and to review the updated plan in its entirety.