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Adopt An Elder’s 29th Annual NAVAJO RUG SHOW & SALE

| Montessori Admin |

Grandmother Anita Jackson

Approximately 25  years ago, because of Bob and Robyn’s strong connection to some Navajo friends, our school registered with the Adopt A Native Elder program to adopt three Navajo grandmothers and two grandfathers. Our two grandfathers died a few years into our involvement with the program and then for most of 20 years we continued to help support our three grandmothers – Grandmother Emma Bahe, Grandmother Roseline Jackson and Grandmother Elvira Horseherder. For many years we have been so successful with our fundraising that we were not only able to  provide food on each of the two Food Runs that originate in Park City but also send yarn, gift certificates for them to buy additional food, clothing and household items, firewood, basic medical supplies and blankets but in the past few years two of our Grandmothers – Emma (aged 94) and Roseline (aged 92) have died and we recently adopted a new Grandmother – Anita Jackson and do hope to help others as there is dire need for assistance.

Bob and Robyn had the opportunity to be involved in a Food Run to the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico a few years ago and at that time had the opportunity to drive to the Navajo Reservation with the Adopt a Native Elder group and to spend time with our own grandmothers and many others. It was an incredible, heart warming  experience and we hope to participate again in the near future. The elders are such beautiful people who are warm, funny, talented artists, sometimes shy and above all extremely grateful for all of the assistance that they receive.

As part of our involvement in the program many of our students have had the opportunity to attend the school presentation and this year our 3rd and 5th year Elementary students will be doing so on November 8th. The children are able to witness various elders weaving, making maize flour etc., to see the huge display of stunning Navajo rugs and jewelry and to listen to some of the elders talking about their lives and culture while living on the Navajo Reservation.

There are several wonderful public events you can attend over the weekend that many of the elders are here in Utah and you can find information on all of them at We would really encourage you and your children to attend one of these events if you are able. Adopt-a-Native Elder Newsletter.