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An Update from our Middle School students from Teton Science School!

| Montessori Admin |

Monday, January 14, 2013
Today is the first day of our immersion trip and off to TSS (Teton
Science School) it is. We left at around 8:45 and arrived at around 3!
So, not too long of a drive. One TSS instructor named Katie, who is
super fun and nice, greeted us. We walked over to our meeting place,
inside a building with radiant heating. The floors are warm! There we
talked about our schedule and what we will be doing during the week.
When that was over we went to our dorms and got settled in. At 5:30,
we had a delicious dinner of fried rice, chicken & Mandarin salad,
tofu with broccoli and rice crispy treats. To be excused to get your
dinner you have to answer one trivia question with your table mates.
Each evening there is a program, today’s was about team-building. We
played games with students from Montessori at Riverton So, good first
– Elise