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Butterfly Release

Our toddler program has been so excited about our special summer project: butterflies. Over the past few weeks, we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to teach our littlest friends about some other little friends… insects! 

When the weather started warming up at the end of the school year, those teaching in our Stars and Moons class observed a multitude of students who were especially interested in our bug friends. Children were fast to point out any ants or rolly pollies they found, and many friends chose to spend their outside time digging for worms. Over the last few months, our students have done an exceptional job demonstrating their growth with how they treat our creature friends, learning to never squish them and instead practicing looking only with their eyes. As teachers, we always want to nurture and guide any interests that students naturally gravitate towards, and as such, our summer butterfly project was born.

Miss Brookyn has spearheaded this fun summer activity, taking time during circle everyday to teach the children about butterflies and the metamorphosis process. The students in our Dandelions class have been so excited to learn about the insects and watch them evolve from caterpillar, to chrysalis, and eventually a butterfly. Students were all invited to name their own caterpillar, and have been very hands on and inquisitive as we watched our fluttery friends grow. 

On Friday morning, we reached the final chapter of our butterfly journey, as it became time to release our sweet painted ladies out into the world. Our toddler class was joined by our infant program and a few families as we thanked the butterflies for their time in our class, and bid them adieu. The children showed enormous excitement seeing the butterflies fly around and explore the world, and have been talking about them non stop since! We are so thrilled to have had this opportunity to dive in deep and really explore the fixation these kiddos have with bugs, and cannot wait to see how this interest will present itself for the duration of our summer camp program. Thank you to those who came and joined us, it has been so lovely to have children and families alike involved with this! If you see any painted lady butterflies around our school, be sure to give them a wave and tell them the toddlers love and miss them.