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Another Successful Uinta Adventure

| Cathy Bachman |

The Uinta class rounded out their studies and hard work with an amazing time on their trip to Fremont Indian State Park. Thank you for all the support throughout the year in helping them research, plan, prepare, and pay for this hands-on learning experience! 

Here’s what sixth year graduate, Verona, had to say about the experience:

“The adventure was so much fun! As a student, I feel like we were very involved with everything, from the shopping of the groceries to the actual raising of money. The Montessori Market was also a plus, with how you learn to manage a shop, and make products. The Adventure is also very hands on, so you help to cook, and you set up your own tent. It was awesome hanging out with my friends in nature, and exploring with them at the campsite. Hiking was great as well. But I’d recommend wearing more sunscreen than you think you need, wear your thermals at night, and enjoy every little bit of the trip!”

Please view a portion of their Adventure Activity Booklet here.