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Basic Herbology and Flower Essences Studio Class

Studio Class: Basic Herbology and Flower Essences
Donda Hartsfield, Outdoor Classroom & GO teacher
3 Wednesdays, 3:30 – 5:45, April 25th – May 9th

(Elementary Only): Students are introduced to the joy and the science

of herbal awareness and application through sensorial and practical experiences.  Students will encounter such herbs as Hawthorn, Dandelion, Comfrey, Lemon Balm, Sage, Rose, Hyssop, California Poppy, Mint and more.  We will be emphasizing flower essences, as we make three different ones on each class day, which require up to two hours minimal to make! The base for these flower essences will be glycerin as a preservative, rather than the standard Brandy (FYI)!  Students will be preparing and taking herbal remedies home throughout the course.  Fees cover cost of supplies that go home such as bottles, teas, glycerides, etc.  Full attendance is strongly recommended!


Register by Monday, April 23rd! Forms can be found in the MCS lobby.

Wednesday, April 25th

Gathering & Drying Herbs, Glycerides, and Flower Essences – gathering and drying techniques, tasting exploration of herbal varieties including their medicinal properties, preparing the glyceride, making a flower essence

Wednesday, May 2nd

Teas & Flower Essences – Continued tasting exploration of fresh herbal varieties including their medicinal properties as we brew hot infusions, making a flower essence

Wednesday, May 9th

Dreaming Bundles, Finishing Glycerides, & Flower Essences – Practicing the art of informed intention with plants by selecting certain plants for certain desired effects through dreaming bundles which can be placed beneath one’s pillow, finishing and bottling the glycerides, making a flower essence