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Celebrating Native American Heritage

| Cathy Bachman |

As part of our Native American Heritage Celebrations, our school was blessed to have two Native American dancers, Carl who is Hopi and Kayden who is Navajo, come to tell us stories about their culture and dance for us. Even the Infants and Toddlers were entranced.   One message that was given to the children was how important it is for us to be kind and respect our people, our earth, trees and plants and animals. 

A number of our family members, who were onsite when the program began, decided to join us and seemed so happy to have had the opportunity. 

Kayden was the valedictorian of Highland High last year – the first Native American valedictorian ever in the Salt Lake City area. She speaks Navajo fluently. Both of the dancers were amazing and happy to come back in the future. We are grateful to our community friend Harry James for recommending Carl and Kayden. What a wonderful way for all of us to start our day.