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Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Montessori School

| Montessori Admin |

Montessori Community School is excited to announce our first two electric vehicle (EV) charging points. They are available now for staff and parents to use while at the school.

The Montessori curriculum includes a connection with the environment. We appreciate opportunities to explore green energy and different ways that they can help preserve our precious environment with our students. We want to continue to be role models for our students, which is one reason that we installed solar panels on the roof to power the school in 2013 as an alternative fuel.

The school received a grant from Rocky Mountain Power a few months ago with the help of Leaders for Clean Air. The grant afforded the school with two fast chargers. The chargers are located on the South West side of the building. These chargers can be utilized by staff or parents while EV drivers are on campus. We request that you move your vehicle once it is charged so that others can utilize the chargers if needed.

The Montessori Community School is excited to be able to offer Level 2 Electric Vehicle chargers which are powered in part by the solar panels on the roof of the school. These chargers can recharge most cars within 3-5 hours. The school plans to continue working towards being leaders in environmental conservation and teaching our students about alternative power and renewable energy.