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Committee Participation

| Montessori Admin |

Parent participation is a key component of a thriving Montessori community. Parent involvement in school life reassures your child of the strong connection between the home and the school. Volunteering on a committee is great way to fulfill the 10 hours of parent involvement we suggest for each parent each academic year. If you missed out on registration or need to change your mind, please contact us at with your request.

 Parent School Alliance (PSA)

The Parent School Alliance coordinates fundraising events, community building activities and school-wide annual traditions. The PSA meets monthly.

Health & Safety Advisory Committee (HSC)

The Health and Safety Committee collaborates with administration to determine appropriate measures to safeguard our community when health and safety issues arise. Members of the committee are also consulted with specific questions or requests to help inform and guide decision making. This committee is scheduled to meet virtually on Tuesdays 1-2pm, 6 times during the academic year.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee assists school administration in realizing the school’s mission and vision. This includes helping determine, set and obtain measurable goals for our continuous improvement. The schedule for this committee is TBD.

Please note, committee membership is a year long commitment. From our experience, regular attendance and consistent participation/support is most helpful to the collaborative work of each committee and proves to be the most rewarding for individuals.