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Robyn’s Message to the Community in December

| Cathy Bachman |

This past week has been filled with so many emotions. I know that the departure of the previous directors has had a tremendous impact on our community – our students, our teachers, our staff, our parents, and me, too. Parting ways professionally with two such extraordinary friends and colleagues was one of the most difficult events of my career. I know many of you are angry, saddened and taken aback. The last few months have been a period of extreme challenges and your emotions and concerns are certainly understandable. I wish I could give out more information that could help you understand the decision, but as I have addressed in prior emails, out of respect for previous employees, I cannot divulge any more than I have.

That does not mean I don’t wish to communicate with you. On the contrary, I want to meet with each of you, discuss your concerns, and address how we can work together to help heal our community. While these past few weeks have seen times of significant sadness, countering them have been so many moments of hope and optimism. I have had the opportunity to meet with several parents and have really appreciated their valuable insights, questions, and offers of assistance. It is clear that there are many parents who have a great love for our school community and are very dedicated to helping us work towards restoring the warm and loving environment that we have treasured in the past. I have been uplifted with their genuine concern and support of our school.

There are a few other families who have scheduled to meet with me this week and please know that I am happy to set up other appointments, if you need a dedicated time to chat. Having been very secluded in the Business Office for two years, I have not had the opportunity to get to know many of you and I would be delighted for you to stop by and say hello and tell me how you are feeling. I look forward to actively working with parents to improve our community communications. 

To help facilitate communication, you will have noticed that the majority of Admin and administrative support are now seated in the main office area. The former Business Office is being converted to a Conference Room. We want you to know that we have an Open Door policy and if you see any of us we will be happy to chat.

I hope you all understand how grateful I am to you for your willingness to continue to remain committed to our school and the community. I recognize this as an absolute gift. Please know that I am equally committed to you and your families and doing all I can to help you and our community through these difficult times.  

In Gratitude,