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COVID Two Years Later

| Montessori Admin |

Throughout the pandemic, our community has come together to keep each other safe! Our students, staff and parents have all rallied together behind our safety protocols, have been patient when information changes, and have been compassionate when members of our community have become sick or needed to take time to care for others in need.

When vaccines became available to front line individuals in 2021, including teachers, we were excited to report the news of staff participating in vaccines. There was a buzz of excitement when a few of our oldest students were eligible to become vaccinated and they served as examples to the other students, many wondering when it would finally be their turn. 2021-22 saw vaccines become available to 5-12 year olds. At this point, the majority of our community is eligible to be vaccinated!

We are so grateful for all our community members who have been able to take part in our collective efforts to end the pandemic through vaccination! As part of our ongoing efforts to keep the community informed, we wanted to share with you our current stats on COVID vaccination status:

  • Staff – 97%
  • Eligible students – 90%

Please remember that we rely on parent report to keep our numbers accurate. If your child has been recently vaccinated, please let us know.

It is exciting to see how the CDC is changing guidelines. At this point, we don’t have any changes in COVID precautions to report at MCS but as the number of cases decreases, our community vaccination rates increase, and as the youngest community members become closer to being eligible to become vaccinated, we are planning a gradual loosening of the guidelines. The HSC is scheduled to next meet on 4/5/22. Your questions can be submitted to for discussion in that meeting.

Our community has endured so much over the past 2+ years, and we are so grateful for the personal and collective responsibility that our community has demonstrated to keep our children and staff healthy and our school open! We know we are not at the very end of this, but it sure feels like we are going in the right direction.