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Farewell to Teachers

We are saddened to share the news of our four departing teachers: Ms. Nozomi, Ms. Fernanda, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Kayla.

Nozomi first worked with us near the beginning of the Toddler program and it was a real pleasure to work with her. After working with us for a few years her husband took a new position in Texas and their family moved there and stayed for several years. After she returned to Utah we were delighted to offer her a position at our school again and we have appreciated all that she has contributed to our school community and particularly to her students. From Nozomi.

Fernanda has worked at our school since we began our Toddler program so many years ago. She has a special gift for teaching and a deep understanding of the Montessori philosophy which she always practices. Over the many years she has contributed so much to our community and particularly to the students (and their families) she has taught. Our toddler program will be very different without her.

Alyssa also taught at our school near the beginning of our Toddler program but later pursued an alternative career, married and had her lovely little Elanor. This year she returned to teach at our school and joined Fernanda in the Moons class. They have been a close knit team and have offered so much to your children. Our Admin team is very grateful for their contributions. From Fernanda & Alyssa.

Kayla began working as an assistant teacher with Ms. Ruby and it was clear that she had a natural gift as a teacher and was so well suited to working in a Montessori school. After a few years she completed her education to become a Certified Montessori teacher and continued to work with Ruby in the Aspens class. This year she moved to the Magnolias class as the head teacher and has been a wonderful guide and will be really missed by her co-teachers, who will continue to work together with a new certified teacher. It has been such a pleasure to work with Kayla. She always has such a pleasant attitude and is so supportive of her peers and the Administration. We will miss her very much but do understand how close she is to her family and how much she is looking forward to living closer to them. From Kayla.

We wish all these valued teachers the very best in their new adventures, and hope to keep in touch.