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Green initiative: school working towards a cleaner environment

| Montessori Admin |

The Montessori Community School has been working towards a zero emissions, zero carbon footprint for years with solar panels on the roof, electric vehicle charging stations and many recycling programs.

Students learn about ways they can help ensure a clean environment

As students learn about ways they can help ensure a clean environment outside of a school setting, the staff want to ensure that they are leading by example. In 2013 Solar Panels were installed on the roof of the school in order to offset 90% of the power used by the school.

We can see each of these solar panels, what it’s producing at any moment, and the children can watch that

– Bob Buchanan (co-founder)

In 2019 two EV chargers were installed on the south-west side of the building for members to charge their Electric Vehicles. Air quality has always been a huge topic at the school with the PSA helping the school to obtain and install a Purple Outdoor Air Sensor for monitoring air quality. The school installed better air filters in all of their heating units in 2020 to ensure that the air which the students and staff are breathing is as healthy as possible. The school continues to recycle paper plastics, aluminum, tin and glass through curb-side recycling programs. The school community members have also managed some of their own recycling programs for batteries, plastic shopping bags and other hazardous household materials generated from electronics, paint and fluorescent light bulbs.

Staff members work towards their goal of zero carbon emissions

Montessori Community School continues to look for additional ways to ensure its students and staff members work towards their goal of zero carbon emissions. Currently we are working towards offsetting the remainder of the school’s power consumption through the Rocky Mountain Blue Sky program to ensure all power used by the school will be from a renewable source. As we upgrade our facility we are installing LED bulbs and researching options for greener ways to heat and cool the building. If you would like to learn more or get involved with our efforts please contact the school. You may track how much power the school is generating back into the electrical grid here.