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HEPA Filters

| Montessori Admin | ,

Thank you so much for stepping up and donating to this effort. We are just a few filters away from reaching our goal. Contributions can still be made.

1. You may make a financial donation via our sister organization, MEF, for a tax deductible write-off. The donation form will ask what class you want your donation to go toward, the amount, and if you want to remain anonymous.

2. You may choose to purchase a filter for a specific class by clicking the links in the tracking doc here. Please email if you have purchased one of these units. Include the class you purchased it for, the arrival date, and if you prefer to donate anonymously in the email.

If you are donating an actual unit and you have not yet informed us, please do so today, as we will be placing an order so we can try and have them as soon as students are on site.

All donations may be in lieu of your parent volunteer hours if you choose.  In no way is a donation required; the school has been budgeting with the intention to purchase filters as soon as possible.

With gratitude,

– Jemmyn Buchanan