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International Day of Peace 2022

| Montessori Admin |

We are honored to continue Dr. Montessori’s work to teach peace to children around the world. We invite you to take the time to walk to the 1700 side of the school with your children and view up close the peace work the students have done in preparation for International Day of Peace.

Amanda was our guest speaker.

She shared the poem that she compiled based on our responses to the question of what peace means to us.

Peace to Me Is… a collaborative poem

Students and staff made Peace Rocks for the community to admire and take.

6th year students proudly carried the Peace Dove.

Approximately 10 years ago this Peace Dove was created by the then 6th year students at MCS. Since then, it has led the way in each year’s Peace walk and has been carried by 6th year students. This year this dove will be retired and a new one will be created to take its place

Staff and students decorated Peace Flags

Peaceful moments from our year so far

Hiking in our glorious mountains

Playing in the rain.

Helping with yard work.

Walking the labyrinth.

“Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education.”
– Maria Montessori