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Introducing Jennifer Taylor

| Alejandro Malespin |

We are delighted to introduce you to Jennifer Taylor who has joined MCS as our school nurse.  

Jennifer’s mother is a Montessori teacher, Jen was a Montessori student and her children also attended a Montessori school. She is a perfect fit for our school.

“I am a Louisiana native that has lived in Utah for 15 years. I am married with two children and three step children, four of which are all one year apart in age from each other. I’ve earned a double Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and in Nursing. I’ve known since a young age that my passion and purpose are with caring for others, and I have worked in multiple different aspects of health care from policy to bedside over the past 13 years. In my down time, I enjoy spending time with my family camping, hiking, and simply enjoying the beautiful outdoors.”

The school nurse position was made possible through a grant administered by the Utah Department of Health- To establish, expand, and sustain a public health workforce within K-12 Schools to support jurisdictional COVID-19 prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery initiatives.