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Introducing our Specialty Subjects and Teachers

| Alejandro Malespin |

Outdoor Classroom (OC)

Early Childhood students participate each week in the Outdoor Classroom where they explore the plants, soil, invertebrates, birds, and weather in all of the seasons through hands-on activities. The students have many opportunities to practice and master essential developmental skills such as balance, control, independence, focus, and coordination through digging, building with logs, sticks and rocks, and interacting with nature in this class. The purpose of the Early Childhood Outdoor Program is to help students gain an understanding and love for the natural world around them.

Lower Elementary students participate in the Outdoor Classroom where they explore and interact with the garden area throughout the changing seasons and learn about plant identification, functions, and uses, as well as earth history, animal adaptations, and paleo cultures. The purpose of the Lower Elementary Outdoor Program is to help students gain an understanding and love for the natural world around them while engaging in problem solving and creative application.

Great Outdoors (GO)

In Upper Elementary, the Great Outdoors program facilitates meaningful interaction with the environment through a three-year rotating cycle involving watershed, Utah native plants, as well as ecosystems and relationships in nature. Students explore habitats through hiking, lessons, activities, projects, observation, note taking, sketching, and researching. The purpose of these expeditions is to give the students a direct, personal connection with their natural world and, through that connection, a better understanding of the world around them as well as of themselves.

Donda Hartsfield


Kara Rasmussen

Spanish (Elementary)

In Lower Elementary the Spanish specialist incorporates Spanish into the students’ daily routine by providing lessons in vocabulary, grammar and many practical life experiences.

In Upper Elementary, Spanish instruction is provided under two main standards: Spanish language lessons and Rosetta Stone, an interactive computer program. Each week students have the opportunity to receive lessons from an instructor that furthers their understanding of the grammar of the language and supports their advancement through Rosetta Stone to practice vocabulary, writing and speaking.

Maria Reynosa