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Last Week’s Annual Fun Run Fundraiser Update

| Montessori Admin |

Wow! What a fantastic event. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this year’s Fun Run such a wonderful, exciting event.

The morning was beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The students were buzzing with excitement.

Students began with some warm-up exercises then the clock was started and they were off. Students ran laps through a 65 foot inflatable obstacle course then climbed a 24 foot inflatable slide to complete the course loop.

High fives were given, wrist bands marked per lap, and much cheering and encouragement from teachers, staff, parents, and peers.

After their timed run was up, students enjoyed some fruit slices and water to cool down and chat about their experience with the course amongst all those milling about.

Our Toddler friends were able to walk, run, and toddle their way through a small obstacle course around their own playground. With the help of their teachers, PSA, and Fun Run Committee, they worked their way through the various challenges set up. They, too, enjoyed fruit slices to finalize their running time.

Currently, we have raised $3,504.42! A big thanks to all those who have sponsored and contributed to our Montessori Education Foundation (MEF) and supported our Service Learning Program. You may still bring money in until October 12th, 2018.

***As MEF is a 501c we would like to issue receipts to all those who donated and would like one! Please contact or stop by the school office to request a receipt.

More pictures of the run can be found on Montessori Compass. Make sure you login to catch all the fun photos of your student/s!

Thank you!