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Letter from Head of School

| Montessori Admin |

Dear 2017-2018 MCS Students,

Once again, we have reached a crossroads. Some of you will return to our school next year and continue your experience as a part of our community while some of you will move on to new adventures and experiences. Regardless of where the next year finds you, we are honored to have spent this valuable time with you. We congratulate you for your hard work and for being engaged in our community.

Montessori Community School’s mission is to provide a rich, individualized educational experience, which guides and nurtures the natural unfolding of the whole individual and inspires a lifetime love of learning and peace. Education is a great gift and we feel honored with the opportunity to make peace such an important part of the experience we offer here at MCS. By honoring each individual student and supporting children in becoming their most authentic, passionate, courageous and determined selves, we hope to provide the world with a powerful force for change for the better.

Peace is a work rooted deeply in the approach in Montessori schools across the world and Maria Montessori was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on three different occasions as her passion for Peace Education led her to spread its good word in various countries. Her legacy lives on as she is now widely recognized as an advocate for peace and her educational philosophy is practiced throughout the world. We have passionately worked to provide peace education here at MCS for over 30 years.

Our wish for you going forward is that you will find effective ways to bring peace into your work in the world. We hope that you will honor the great gift of education and share the work of peace as you move forward in life.

May the world be better because of you, as our school has been.

With great love,

Peace is a goal that can only be attained through common accord, and the means to achieve this unity for peace are twofold; first, an immediate effort to resolve conflicts without recourse to violence – in other words, to prevent war – and second,
a long-term effort to establish a lasting peace among men.”
Maria Montessori